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Fresta wins Science Hack Day

The second edition of the Science Hack Day – as part of the Dutch Technology Week – dared some fifty young technicians and scientists to hack a prototype of their best idea for a technical solution to a real-life social challenge. The task had to be completed in 32 hours.

Prize-winning TMC-team Fresta amazed the jury with a system to create the ideal conditions for growing herbs and vegetables in the kitchen. The greens are grown hydroponically and smart use of LED provides the energy.

“Many people like the idea of growing their own vegetables,” team-member Bart de Vries states, “but they lack space for a garden or gardening skills”. Festa’s system is just the solution for them. The high tech seed tray is small enough for the kitchen and big enough to grow four heads of lettuce. An App informs the home grower about the precise use of water and fertilizers, and is – of course – the platform to exchange information with other home growers.

Team-member Edwin Miltenburg – still a student at Avans – participates in the development of the Gadget Crane Catcher, a lab project resulting in a TMCEyecatcher for trade-shows.

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