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Fast Tool Servo

Van Haandel Metaal is a relatively small metal workshop. Its daughter company VHM sells special racing products and a range of home-made products, like carburettors, piston heads, valves, clutches, and crack shafts. Van Haandel Metaal manufactures all these products.

VHM has planned to develop a new range of high-end pistons. The production of these pistons requires a machine that is able to make non-rotating symmetric shapes, ovals and free form cylindrical shapes.

TMC-professionals designed a proposal based on the development of an additional machining axis in an existing turning machine. The high dynamic excitation and micrometer accuracies were a challenge. Equally important were the programming of free form cylindrical shapes and the integration of the axis in an existing machine.

Professionals from TMC’s Mechanical and Mechatronics Cell completed a feasibility study in the Fast Tool Servo market. They selected a solution based on a piezo-actuated system. These systems may not be new in high tech applications, but are certainly new in common piston turners. In a technical feasibility study an existing machine was equipped with a piezo-actuator to check the risks of machine dynamics.

The actual result is an operational FUMO of a Fast Tool Servo for machine-free cylindrical shapes in an existing machine.

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