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Cattle Cabin

In close cooperation with Leon Moonen, an entrepreneurial Dutch cattle farmer, and SXC Solar (advise on and implementation of solar solutions), TMC technicians Gerben van Oosterhout and Sibe Mennema designed the concept of a movable cowshed powered by solar energy.

The concept gained a lot of public attention and was inserted in the Dutch Sustainable Dairy Roadmap – a program to support innovation in the dairy sector.

The professionals had to deal with several technical challenges. Two important ones are the integration of a solar roof on top of the structure of a stable, and the design of a stable without a foundation in order to make it movable and permitfree. Additional learning resulted in the connection of the agricultural with the technical world. Furthermore, it was important to integrate the look and feel of the stable in its surrounding landscapes.

A prototype was built on Leon Moonen’s land and is currently tested. SCX Solar and TMC are adding a new functionality to the construction, officially named ‘Cattle Cabin’.

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