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Data Science Quick Scan

Your way of ensuring your data science success. We calibrate your ambitions with our experience to maximise your ROI.

A lot is happening in the field of data science. There is a growing enthusiasm and interest in the wide range of possibilities that data science can offer. From smart diagnostics using machine learning algorithms to sales forecasting and building recommender systems, the number of possibilities keeps on expanding. Many companies find it overwhelming to navigate through this field and determine their approach.

TMC Data Science launched the QuickScan to help companies kick-start or accelerate their data science activities. During this scan, two or three of our Data Scientists will come to your organization, map out your business activities and provide you a clear plan for Data Science and AI within just a few days. With over 20 data scientists, there is always someone with the right know-how and specialization to take an organizations’ data science activities to the next level. The QuickScan is an opportunity to explore the potential of data science without having to make a major investment in time or costs.

So, if you want to start with data science, but don’t know where to begin, if want to make it crystal clear what data science can bring for your organization, or if your data science initiatives aren’t evolving as you wished they would, the QuickScan can help you out! The QuickScan is tailored to your specific needs, so you can get maximum results.

How does the QuickScan work?

Although the QuickScan is a tailor-made project, we usually work with these five steps:

  • Question: A lot of companies are struggling with a certain data science desire. We also see very often that people are overwhelmed by the amount of information about data science that is available online, but they don’t know where to start. In this Question phase, we determine the main demand of an organization.
  • Planning: We determine the goals and timeline of the QuickScan in the Planning phase and do a short check on the situation; background, data maturity and challenges. Based on this information, we compile a QuickScan team out of experienced TMC Data Science Employeneurs. We always strive for a good combination of technical expertise and business understanding, based on the companies’ wishes.
  • Deep-dive: In the Deep-dive phase, the QuickScan team is on-site to investigate the exact situation. We do interviews with employees, investigate available data, and work towards the agreed goal. Examples of concrete goals of the QuickScan could be to determine the biggest opportunities of data science in your business context or to create a concrete roadmap how to meet your organizations data science goals (like increasing profitability by using predictive maintenance).
  • Wrap-up: During the Wrap-up, the results of the Deep-dive are being embedded in the organization. This can be done via presentations, handing over reports, training or delivering products, depending on the context of the situation.
  • Check-in: The goal of the last step, the Check-in, is to evaluate the results of the QuickScan and to determine the (possible) next steps.

What can the QuickScan do for you?

The QuickScan can be used for multiple purposes. It is tailor-made according to your business needs and preferences. Together we can determine a very clear plan for your organization.

These are a few examples of what we can do for your organization:

  • Improve business processes by making better use of available data
  • Shaping data science team to meet company’s demands
  • Make added value of data science for your organization clear

If you recognize these demands in your organization or have other data science needs, the QuickScan team is happy to help you with it. Should you have any further questions or hesitation, feel free to reach out to us.

I’m very happy with the approach and with the QuickScan team! They have the unique capability of understanding our language and translating that into a practical plan without becoming too technical. Even though I am not a data scientist or a software engineer, they managed to create a document and a presentation which I fully understood! That is impressive!" - Patrick Jansen, Business manager from VBR Turbines.

Find out more about the QuickScan at VBR Turbines, or about the QuickScan at Genson.

Why choose for TMC Data Science?

TMC Data Science Employeneurs benefit from years of deep integration into our various clients’ teams. Large companies like Unilever, ASML and DAF, but also various small- and medium enterprises have benefited (and still benefit) from the work that TMC Data Science Employeneurs do. TMC’s Data Science Employeneurs have a wide range of experience and provide full-stack data science leadership.

This broad experience helps us to get a very quick understanding about the possibilities and challenges for data science in your organization. So, whatever sector you are in, how big or small your question might be, our specialists will help to create concrete business value with data science.

What characterizes our approach?

Would you like to know more? Don't hesitate to contact Bram Thelen, Director of TMC Data Science.

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