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Data Science Quick Scan

Your way of ensuring your data science success. We calibrate your ambitions with our experience to maximise your ROI.

The time has come

You recognise the need to take action in the world of data science, analytics or AI to keep up with your competition, but you don’t know, or are dissatisfied with:

  • What possibilities you see
  • What paths exist / which one to chose
  • What to pack for the journey

You are missing perspective and experience. We have that. You want clarity. We can help you find it.

The Quick Scan is here to help you: Allow yourself to focus on what you do best, and  delegate to us the rest that we know best.

What the Quick Scan offers you

We’ll help your data ambitions to take shape. Wherever our support is most crucial:

  • Vision: what are the key trends and dynamics?
  • Strategy: how do we address these? 
  • Goals & Targets: how do we operationalise this strategy?
  • Project Plans: how do we execute on goal/target X?
  • Retrospective Analysis, 2nd opinion: what can we improve?
  • Problem Diagnosis & Troubleshooting: what goes wrong?
  • Feasibility Study for Decision Support: is xyz algorithm a good approach?

Why work with TMC Data Science?

We’re truly passionate. Where others talk, we do: We’ve got the actual, real-world experience.

You name it: From high to low tech, manufacturing to retail to medical; from startups, hidden champions, small- and medium-sized enterprises, to the largest corporations in the world: We provide full-stack data science leadership. From data engineering to algorithm design, including trainings, DataOps coaching, change management and more.

Our Employeneurs benefit from years of deep integration into our various clients’ teams. Now is your chance to hire them to solve your current pressing problem, no strings attached.

We help your data ambitions take shape

Find out about our track record, or contact sales to found out about the possibilities. Learn more now.

Contact TMC Data Science Director Bram Thelen or let us call you back if you would like to learn more about the possibilities.