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As Supplier Quality Engineer you are the one representing TMC client’s external suppliers in terms of quality, releases of products and materials. Also you are involved in external auditing processes. To manage the quality of the suppliers, you are the one responsible for analyzing complaints and taking future based steps to prevent these situations to reoccur. Any other changes at the supplier’s production site are to be reviewed by you and embedded in the way of work. When collaborations with new suppliers are being formed, you’re involved for a proper supplier process. Most of our client’s work within an international setting, so inter-cultural communication is part of your responsibilities as well.


  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.
  • Minimum of 2 years of industry experience in quality engineering
  • Preferably you’re familiar with quality tools like 8D, FMEA and auditing.
  • You’ve got a quality-driven mindset and an eye for details.
  • Comfortable with inter-cultural communication and making decisions in an international environment.
  • Affinity with technical products/ components (mechanical, electrical etc.).
  • Fundamental inter-personal skills like strong communication, negotiation skills and a solution oriented way of work.
  • Excellent Dutch and English communication skills - both verbally & written.


TMC is a technology and science company that brings expertise to their clients in order to support them with the realization of their technological challenges. As such, TMC is operating as an expert center at the disposition of its clients in order to help them to be more competitive in an ever more global and faster changing technological world.

TMC is truly unique thanks to our business model called the Employeneurship model which comes as a true innovation for the High Technology consulting business. It's the business relationship of the 21th century for high skilled Engineers & Scientists, and our model is built around 5 main pillars:

  • Permanent employment contract, offering you stability and security
  • Individual profit sharing: know your market value and share in the profit your work generates
  • One-on-one coaching and trainings designed to help you develop your entrepreneurial skills
  • The competence cells structure, providing a strong relevant network
  • The entrepreneurial lab: a playground for new ideas and a launching for start-ups

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