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At TMC Physics, an Optical Designer is responsible for assisting our clients in the design and development of complex optical systems, including lens design, reflective and refractive systems, scanning systems, Gaussian optics and laser propagation, illumination. You will work on optics in various applications: imaging optics, fiber optics, illumination optics, waveguide optics, and spectrometers.

The work will mainly be conducted in project teams of various (technical) disciplines. It is crucial that you have a good overview over the possible application areas of your expertise and that you are able to motivate this to others. Operating in dynamic, multi-disciplinary teams, you sharpen your technical know-how as well as your soft skills by cooperating with your peers.



You have an MSc or PhD in (Applied) Physics, Optics, or related background, and at least two years of relevant working experience. During your M.Sc., Ph.D. or through professional experience you have gained expertise in one or more of the following topics: 

  • Practical/industrial experience in optical (system) design;
  • Extensive experience in the use of optical design tools, such as ZEMAX, Lighttools, CODE-V, Breault ASAP or similar;
  • Working knowledge of ray tracing (sequential and non-sequential);
  • Good understanding of optical test methods and standard specifications for optical components;
  • Thorough understanding of fundamental optical principles geometrical optics, polarisation, interference & diffraction, non-linear optics, Fourier optics, Gaussian propagation;
  • Good oral and written communicative skills;
  • Stress resistant, team player and strong personality;
  • Serious motivation for the Employeneurship model of TMC;
  • Preferable, you have experience in preparing and delivering technical reports, papers, patents and presentations.

We are looking for people who are challenged by the TMC Employeneurs model and who are looking for a further development of their career in a challenging environment. You want to be active in a multi-disciplinary team that drives technological progress. You have a pragmatic and entrepreneurial mindset, and you tackle challenges in a pro-active manner. You have excellent oral and written communication skills and can handle multiple projects and activities simultaneously.



We offer excellent primary and secondary conditions of employment, among which:

  • Market level salary, based on education and experience;
  • Personal development and education in the form of: the benefit shop, one-on-one coaching, training hard and soft skills;
  • Individual profit sharing;
  • Specialized business cells;
  • Involvement in the development of the company;
  • Cool projects.


The Employeneurs of TMC Physics are strongly driven by content. TMC Physics has over 60 Employeneurs and they are internationally orientated, come from different cultures and are critical by nature. These are traits our customers like to put to their advantage. Within the team of physics competences in the field of computational physics, thermal and flow, optics and plasma physics are represented but not limited.


TMC is a unique collection of self-starting, highly skilled and almost self-employed technical professionals. Our unparalleled Employeneurship model offers engineers from all backgrounds the comforts of employment and the opportunities of entrepreneurship. This makes a challenging, stimulating environment that you are welcome to explore.

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