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As a Senior Analog IC-Designer, your task is the development of IC’s with focus on products with a large analog content. As we are expanding our market in this area, we expect the applicant to be (or become) an expert and driver in this field.


The analog parts include amongst others power switches, ultra low capacitance switches and ESD-measures, charge pump comparators I/V sensing and reference. But also traditional logic functions are designed as analog circuits. Logic circuits are treated as analog during signal transients and consume very low current outside these transients that requires a special approach on circuit design.

  • Bachelor, Master or PhD in Electrical engineering (or similar);
  • Experience in analog IC-design, frond-end, back-end and verification;
  • Experience with Cadence schematic entry and layout;
  • Experience with analog circuit simulators like Spice, Hspice, Spectre or Pstar;
  • At least 1 – 3 years relevant work experience (senior at least 5 years);
  • Good team player with focus on results and time management;
  • Very interested in the multidisciplinary and divers development aspects within logic product design;
  • Excellent communication skills in English and preferably in Dutch.


We offer excellent contractual arrangements based on employeneurship in the businessmodel of TMC.


Driven electronics experts, that is what we stand for at TMC Electronics. Driven to turn the challenges our customers face into effective solutions. To achieve that, every Employeneur has developed his own specialisation within Electronics and Electrical Engineering over the years. All at a professional and/or academic level. 
At the same time TMC Employeneurs are extremely curious. They like to look beyond the boundaries of their own domain and prefer to work in multidisciplinary environments. Simply because they can. 
TMC Employeneurs effortlessly find their way to and within the core activities of the various R&D departments in the Dutch high-tech industry. Because of their unique expertise and their drive TMC Employeneurs are usually part of a strategic team. More often than not they are one of the driving forces or they fulfill the role of project leader.
In the projects our Employeneurs are in-sourced for, the trick lies in predicting the needs of the end customer. Of course, it is wonderful when our Employeneurs can bring a positive contribution to that process. It is our ambition to come up with and make solutions whilst relieving the customer of any worry or hassle. TMC Electronics focuses on chip, board level and system-level design services.
TMC Electronics’s clients include ASML, DAF, FEI, Mutracx, NXP, Océ, Philips and TNO.

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