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Do you have light running through your veins instead of blood? Do you feel the sun burning and think about photons instead of sunscreen? You might be the optical engineer we are looking for.


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| Your challenges?

As an optical engineer you cherish your connection with light. You enjoy optimizing, designing and calibrating optical systems. You always find new ways of using light to obtain the goal of the project.

Projects range from experimental work to system engineering, optical design to architecture. Projects range from space to medical, from semicon to measurement, from laser to imaging optics.

| What do we expect from you?


  • MSc or PhD in physics, with preferably several years of experience.
  • Focus on optics from education or experience on optics.

Combination of some of the following:

  • Affinity and understanding of related hardware, such as optomechanical assemblies, sensors and expertise in measurement for analysis.
  • Knowledge and affinity with different types of optical equipment or methods such as:
    • Measurement systems and sensors
    • Space based systems
    • Semicon optics (measurement and imprint)
    • Optomechanics
    • Spectroscopical and straylight analysis 
    • (M)AIT of complex systems
    • Optical design  (Zemax, Code V or lighttools)
  • These skills are a pré as a support skill:
    • Mechanical design
    • Matlab or python expertise
    • Data analysis of measurement systems (spectral, machine vision, machine learning or specialized systems)
  • Knowing Dutch is a strong pré

As an employeneur, you connect well with others and contribute to finding the next project. You set your own direction and use the tools provide to grow and move forward in your life and career. You are entrepreneurial, proactive and go the extra mile for your team, both from TMC and at at the customer.

| What does our Business Cell have to offer?

The Employeneurs of TMC Physics are strongly driven by content. TMC Physics Employeneurs are internationally orientated, come from different cultures and are critical by nature. These are traits our customers like to put to their advantage. Within the team of physics competences in the field of computational physics, thermal and flow, optics/instrumentation/vision and plasma physics are represented among others.

| What can you expect from TMC?

TMC is an international high-tech consultancy company that brings expertise to their clients in order to support them with the realization of their technological challenges. As such, TMC is operating as an expert center at the disposition of its clients and we help them to be more competitive in an ever more global and faster changing technological world.

At TMC we believe that people are the driving force behind technological innovation. That is why we want to create the best possible conditions for tech talents to thrive in. We offer you a challenging and stimulating work environment in which you can be the director of your own career.

As an Employeneur you are part of our TMC family. Next to our outstanding technical expertise, fun and engagement are meaningful parts of our culture.

| Why choose for Employeneurship?

We are truly unique thanks to our Employeneurship model which is a true innovation for the High Technology consulting business. It is the business relationship of the 21th century for high skilled technical professionals. It is built around 5 main pillars:

  • You will have a permanent employment contract, offering you stability and security
  • You will get to know your market value and have a share in the profit your work generates thanks to the individual profit sharing
  • We will support you with a one-on-one coaching and trainings designed to help you develop your entrepreneurial skills
  • The competence cells structure, provides you with a strong meaningful and relevant network
  • The entrepreneurial lab: a playground for new ideas and a potential launching for start-ups


TMC is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

Is TMC a perfect fit for you? We’d love to hear from you.

Feel Free to Contact

Gijs Hijmans

Business manager Physics, Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)6 21 26 13 81


The field of physics is wide and the topics are varied. For TMC Physics’ Employeneurs, this leads to a broad range of interesting assignments in which we can contribute to technological innovations. This ranges from theoretical research to application engineering. TMC Physics Employeneurs are highly educated, skilled and motivated people with an enthusiastic, open and collaborative attitude.



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