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The Site Supervisor is responsible for the correct progress of the installation of the modules/machines assigned to him on site. He is responsible for the correct technical execution of the duties. He must inform the site manager in a timely fashion regarding the duties, progress and bottlenecks.
During the SAT he is responsible for the correct attuning and/or coordination of duties, in order to be able to ensure an orderly and safe testing environment.

As an International Site Supervisor you are: 

  • Securing documents, drawings, checklists etc., required for the assembly and start-up;
  • Supervising the employees provided by the client when installing and starting up the modules/machines;
  • Deployment of means such as cranes, forklift trucks and mobile scaffolding that are necessary for the works;
  • Ensuring an optimum order of assembly;
  • Accountability of hours of assigned TMC employees and contractors;
  • Notifying the site manager of contract variations;
  • Registration of hours and means of contract variations;
  • Monitoring adherence to the checklists;
  • Management of tools;
  • Technically correct execution of installation duties;
  • Duties regarding the training of the client’s personnel during the assembly and start-up period;
  • Coordination of the duties of the various disciplines during SAT;
  • Quality control of the duties carried out by personnel employed by TMC.


This position requires both extensive similar experience with international site supervising projects and the willingness to travel for a minimum of 70% per year for an estimated 6 weeks per journey.


TMC is a technology and science company that brings expertise to their clients in order to support them with the realization of their technological challenges. As such, TMC is operating as an expert center at the disposition of its clients in order to help them to be more competitive in an ever more global and faster changing technological world.

TMC is truly unique thanks to our business model called the Employeneurship model which comes as a true innovation for the High Technology consulting business. It's the business relationship of the 21th century for high skilled Engineers & Scientists, and our model is built around 5 main pillars:

  • Permanent employment contract, offering you stability and security
  • Individual profit sharing: know your market value and share in the profit your work generates
  • One-on-one coaching and trainings designed to help you develop your entrepreneurial skills
  • The competence cells structure, providing a strong relevant network
  • The entrepreneurial lab: a playground for new ideas and a launching for start-ups


TMC Field Service is an innovative engineering and consultancy company that operates in complex international environments. Our Employeneurs work on challenging projects for which both personal and technical skills are essential. Together with our partners we make sure that projects are built, commissioned and serviced, in time, within budget and to the customers’ requirements. A TMC Field Service Employeneur is internationally focused, well organized and extremely flexible and creative in solving demanding problems. Our areas of expertise include complete Factory Acceptance Testing, Site Management, Commissioning and Field Service.

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