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We are looking for people who are motivated by technology, chemistry and the TMC Employeneurship model. A potential account manager that is looking to further develop their career in a challenging environment. You will be responsible for:
• Building your own “business cell” with Employeneurs you hired yourself and enable them to take the next step in their career.
• Recruiting specialists within the chemical, fine chemical, food and material related industry.
• Matching project opportunities in the market to your Employeneurs’ specific development targets and intrinsic drive.
• Expanding existing business relationships and acquiring new clients.
• Business development and customer relation management focused on research institutes and industrial R&D environments.
• Supporting Employeneurs in their career choices and personal development plan with the help of professional coaches.
• Organizing activities such as quarterly meetings, teambuilding events and workshops aimed at developing the internal and external network while enthusing Employeneurs for the long-term.


You are a business creator with a high affinity for an industrial environment. You have:
• A degree in chemistry, chemical technology, material science, food science/ technology or related background.
• A minimum of two years of relevant work experience at a technical company. Typically in a marketing, business development or sales role.
• Experience in recruitment services for highly qualified technical people is a plus.
• You are result driven: you think in opportunities and are not easily daunted.
• You take initiative: you create opportunities when other pass up on them.
• You have a naturally strong commercial drive.
• Employeneurs are in control of their own personal path, their own goals, ambitions, achievements and overall career.
• You lead by example.
• You enjoy working with a team, but are equally capable of working independently.
• When you understand what is needed of you, you take the needed initiative and don’t ask for permission (but ask for forgiveness if you mess up)


With your passion, drive and independence we expect you to build onto the existing TMC Chemical business and establish a stable group of Employeneurs working for notable companies in the chemical and related industry. With around 35 Employeneurs in the field and ambition to grow to 50 employeneurs, we are looking for you to help us achieving this ambition. TMC Account Managers are people oriented, have a passion for technology, excellent soft skills and possess a healthy commercial drive. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT OF TMC A challenging job at one of the leading organizations in technical project deployment. You will be a part of a team of technical professionals and intrinsically driven colleagues. A hard working team with a great atmosphere and great job satisfaction. It also includes a benefits package in line with the market, a personal and independent coach, your own training budget, an attractive bonus scheme and other items necessary for day-to-day business.


Chemistry is everywhere. The Employeneurs of TMC Chemical see their innovations everywhere as well. They take challenging innovative projects and contribute to the success of our customers. These projects are typically in the area of specialty chemicals, polymers & composites and ingredients. Our professionals are involved in a R&D or engineering environment, from fundamental research till production. Chemical employeneurs have a “can do” mentality and embrace new challenges on daily bases. Both personally and professionally. By continuous development of their personal path, they are in control of their own goals, ambitions, achievements and overall career. This behavior makes them an example for fellow Employeneurs and customers. We are always on the look for potential Employeneurs that want to make a difference and are eager to build career by doing a large variety of projects at different customers and industries.


At TMC, we believe that technology has the potential to change the world, and to enhance lives. However it is not the technology that is responsible but it’s people who drive technology. Therefore we made it TMC’s core competence to shape technical people and making them more effective at driving innovation. TMC is a unique collection of self-starting, highly skilled and almost self-employed technical professionals. Our unparalleled Employeneurship model offers engineers from all backgrounds the comforts of employment and the opportunities of entrepreneurship. This makes a challenging, stimulating environment that you are welcome to explore.

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