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Working at TMC: stability for the entrepreneurial spirit

‘It’s not the work itself that has changed,’ says Maurice Wingbermühle, TMC Employeneur, ‘it’s everything surrounding the work that’s different.’ This July, Maurice made the transition from freelancer to TMC Employeneur. He kept most of his freedom and gained some serious benefits: ‘A monthly salary, social benefits, vacation days, a lease-car. These might seem like minor practical changes, but all together they have transformed my exciting-but-insecure situation into a stable, but still challenging, way of working.

Software Engineer

Maurice studied Information & Communication Technology in Eindhoven. At the moment, he works as a Software Engineer at Philips, and more specifically as an Android Tester. ‘We work in a team. Together, we develop software for mobile applications. My job is to test the software.’ It’s a position and a job he enjoys on several levels: ‘I feel at home in my team, at Philips and at TMC.’

TMC Employeneur

Part of the challenge of being a TMC Employeneur lies in expanding your network and looking out for new projects and opportunities. ‘As a TMC Employeneur, an independent, entrepreneurial spirit is not just a plus,’ Maurice explains, ‘it’s a requirement. The company will always help you. For instance, if your stint at one client has ended, and you need to find another client, TMC will advise you, help you go through the options, or put you in contact with other Employeneurs who might be able to help you. But the company also expects you to actively look for new clients. You can’t just sit on the couch, waiting for TMC’s phone call.’

'Never feels like a risk'

The entrepreneurial part of being a TMC Employeneur is also reflected in the way the salaries and the bonuses are constructed. ‘Put simply, TMC offers you a part of the profit you generate. Of course, other companies offer bonuses as well – but very often, these bonuses are based on the profits of the entire company and you only receive them at the end of the year. The bonuses at TMC are individual, you receive them monthly, and they are based on your own earnings. Moreover, you have a say about the way your earnings are divided: TMC lets you decide which part of your salary is fixed and which part of your salary comes from bonuses.’

‘It’s completely transparent,’ Maurice concludes, ‘and because of the huge stability the company offers, the entrepreneurial part never feels like a risk.’

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