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Working at TMC: independence, excitement and stability!

The biggest advantage of working at TMC versus working as a freelancer? TMC Employeneur John van Rooy doesn’t need much time to think of an answer: ‘At TMC, you still have a lot of independence, but there’s a whole team of inspiring colleagues behind you, a lot of knowledge and experience you can benefit from. It’s so much easier to improve yourself, to find solutions you couldn’t have thought of just by yourself – and you can help your colleagues in the same way, too.’

In October, John van Rooy will start working as NPI Project Leader. He will be responsible for overseeing the introduction of new products from the beginning to the prototype stage. That involves, among other things, making sure the process is finished in time and doesn’t exceed the budget. It’s a role he’s familiar with, albeit in a slightly different way: after having studied Industrial Engineering in Eindhoven, John worked as a freelance project leader for seven years. He’s always enjoyed working as a freelancer, particularly the independence and the variety of projects it offered, but he couldn’t help thinking that something was missing. Stability, for instance.

‘As a freelancer, you usually work on short-term projects. Exciting as that can be, it also means you invest a lot of time and energy in acquiring new projects. As soon as you’re done with one project, you already have to be on the lookout for the next one – or rather, you’re already on the lookout for the next project while working on the current one.’

At TMC, John will have the opportunity to work on projects that are longer-term and more interesting. He’ll spend a longer stretch of time at one company and won’t have to familiarize himself with new surroundings every few months. This way, he can dedicate most of his attention to the work itself. He can focus on the project at hand, without having to worry about side issues, such as acquiring new business. ‘It’s an investment in the quality of the work,’ John concludes.

Still, he wouldn’t have made the step from freelancer to TMC Employeneur if TMC hadn’t offered its Employeneurs so much freedom. ‘It’s not the classical type of wage labor. TMC has found a way to give its Employeneurs lots of independence. An entrepreneurial nature is basically a requirement for working at TMC.’

John hopes to see more freelancers make the same step he did, so they can experience the best of both worlds as well: the freedom and the excitement of working independently, combined with the stability of having a steady employer and the inspiration of working with a motivated team of colleagues. For more information you can contact John via

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