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TMC’s Employeneurship Model: choosing between the most attractive clients

Most Employeneurs join TMC after they’ve worked on a salary for a while, but are looking for more variety in their projects and a greater responsibility for their own careers, without having to give up the security of employment. With Employeneur Leon Vincent, it was the other way around: Leon joined TMC after five years of being self-employed: ‘I still see myself as an entrepreneur, which is exactly why TMC is right for me: thanks to TMC’s support and network, I don’t have to invest so much time and energy in acquisition anymore, and I’m able to fully focus on my projects.’

‘I still see myself as an entrepreneur, which is exactly why TMC is right for me...'

Leon joined TMC five years ago. He’d always liked being self-employed and he was successful at it too, mostly working in Project Management, Program Management and Software Development for several clients. ‘One of the obvious advantages of being self-employed is the relatively high payment. I also enjoyed being responsible for my own revenue. But there are downsides too - acquisition being the most important one. You always have to be on the look-out for new clients, expanding your network - and you almost never have the time to do this because you’re always busy with the project you’re working on.’

Another downside was the way projects often blended into each other: ‘While being in the middle of one project, another possible client approaches you, and you find yourself discussing and thinking about a project in the near future - while still trying to finish the current one. It’s not so much that it’s confusing, it’s just that I prefer to invest all of my energy into successfully completing one job and only then to start thinking about the next one.’

Freedom of choice

Still, giving up all of the advantages of being self-employed felt like a step too far. The Employeneurship Model offered Leon something in between: ‘It's the perfect option for me. Thanks to TMC’s broad network and the strong ties with other front-running companies, they are able to offer you more work and more interesting projects, working for clients that you probably wouldn’t get in touch with otherwise. Being self-employed often means taking up the projects that other companies have declined or left. Having TMC behind you offers you a lot more possibilities and freedom of choice.’

At the moment, Leon is happily working at NTS Mechatronics. During his five years at TMC, he has completed several projects for companies of very different sizes – a valuable experience in many ways: ‘I’ve always enjoyed working for big companies, but at TMC I discovered I also really like projects at smaller companies. It’s very satisfying to be able to oversee all the stages of production and to see the impact of your own work almost immediately.’

Always a new challenge or perspective

What Leon probably values most about the Employeneurship Model is the variety it offers: ‘TMC Employeneurs are able to switch between smaller and bigger clients, short-term and long-term projects. There’s always a new challenge or a new perspective ahead. Most Employeneurs have a strong entrepreneurial spirit - we want to soak up and share as much knowledge as we can, also from other disciplines. The model gives us all the room and options to do so. It truly is the right form of working for me.’

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