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"TMC would do anything to find the right place for me"

‘Being surrounded by the world’s most sophisticated machines and technologies, it’s easy to forget the true essence of our field: people working with people,’ says Sven Bongartz, Director TMC Mechanical. ‘At TMC, we pay a lot of attention to the human aspect of our work. Not only do we attract highly sought-after specialists - we also manage to keep them. Recently, Employeneur Hessel Bontekoe decided to stay with us for at least another year. We will keep investing in Hessel - and all our other Employeneurs - to show that we value them and have their best interests at heart.’

Earlier this year, Hessel Bontekoe was tempted to look for a new challenge. ‘Hessel was quite close to leaving TMC,’ Sven says, ‘which I completely understood: he had received several interesting offers, with lots of freedom and responsibility. Of course, we let him know we really wanted to keep him. But instead of twisting his arm, we gave him the room to make up his own mind. I’m very happy he decided to stay with us after all, and I’m sure he made the right choice, because of everything that TMC offers Employeneurs: our inspiring coaching sessions and close personal guidance are still quite unique in our field.’

'TMC was the first employer where I really felt at home.'

Hessel had been at TMC for four years when he started contemplating a new step. ‘It’s not that I was unhappy in my work,’ he explains. ‘I have always enjoyed my projects very much, and I liked being an Employeneur - TMC was the first employer where I really felt at home. But when my previous project neared its end and TMC presented me with a list of potential new projects, I was surprised to see some companies on there that I’d turned down before. There had been a misunderstanding, I guess: either I hadn’t communicated my preferences clearly, or someone had misinterpreted them, or both. Anyway, I started doubting we’d find another successful match, and I began to seriously consider other offers.’ 

After another talk with his Wim Douma, his account manager and Sven, Hessel decided to give TMC another chance to find him a new project. Soon, TMC arranged a meeting for him at a smaller company. ‘That meeting was a true eye-opener for me. It was so pleasant, yet so exciting, a great fit. In the end, the company made another choice, which was a bit of a disappointment at the time - but the experience showed me how determined TMC was to keep me, and more importantly: they proved they would do anything to find the right place for me.’

Hessel realized there was a striking difference between TMC and other companies. ‘I could tell that TMC invested time and energy in me. At every meeting, they knew exactly what had been said and promised at other meetings, and they often understood how I felt or what I wanted without me having to say so.’ To Hessel’s surprise, they also took his living situation into account. ‘At the time, I was involved with a rather complex and stressful move to a new house. TMC helped me with some essential practical advice, and they also helped me by being flexible and understanding, giving me all the time I needed to move.’

A lot has happened for Hessel in a very short time, but in the end, everything turned out for the best. Hessel has been working on his new project at Sioux CCM for four weeks now. ‘It’s a place that truly challenges me - I’m part of an enthusiastic team and learning lots of new things every day. I’m very glad I stayed at TMC after all.’

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