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TMC Vitality Program: sound minds in sound bodies

‘At TMC, we try to give every Employeneur the care and the recognition they deserve,’ says Loek Ghering, TMC YOUniversity Program Manager. ‘The first part our message to them is: we see and value your work. The second part: your personal well-being matters even more to us. That’s not just talk. We show our dedication to our Employeneurs in several ways. I’m especially proud of the TMC YOUniversity Vitality Program, which started this year, in collaboration with Corporate Vitality. The program aims to help our Employeneurs stay healthy and in shape, physically as well as mentally.’

A customized Vitality Program

TMC feels that good health is not just the responsibility of the Employeneurs themselves. ‘We can play an important role too,’ Loek says. ‘With our Vitality Program, we offer our people the opportunity to undergo an extensive health check: a thorough, yet very accessible physical evaluation. After applying for the program, our Employeneurs are asked to fill in several questionnaires. Then, they make an appointment at a sports medical centre, where their fitness levels are checked, along with pretty much everything else: their sight, their lungs, their BMI, their stamina, their blood pressure. After the check-up, they discuss the outcome with a medical professional, who also gives them tailored practical advice. We pay attention to every detail that might play a part in the Employeneur’s well-being.'

Loek followed - and enjoyed - the program himself, as did many other Employeneurs. ‘We started offering the program at the beginning of this year. Within a day, over fifty people registered.’ 

Tom Blaauw, Account Manager Mechatronics, was one of them. ‘I’ve been trying to live healthily for a while now’, he says. ‘I go the gym three times a week, I pay attention to what I eat and drink, and I read about health in general. The Vitality Program was a great way for me to check my actual physical health - to translate my efforts towards a healthy lifestyle into a series of tangible results.’

'We pay attention to every detail that might play a part in the Employeneur’s well-being.'

Luckily, Tom’s results were good and didn’t show any surprises. ‘The Vitality Program proved I’m on the right track, health-wise. It’s very nice to have that on record, and I think it’s great that TMC offers such an extensive check-up. It’s hugely important to stay in shape, especially if your work is as challenging as ours - being an Account Manager at TMC is practically a top-level sport!’

Employeneur Maria Frías Goyenechea also signed up for the Vitality Program. Like Tom, she’d  been leading a pretty healthy lifestyle, and she was happy with her results. The check-up also resulted in a very practical bit of advice, which she follows on a daily basis. ‘Through the questionnaires, I learned that I was slightly more tired, less energetic than I thought. I was advised to take a bit more rest during workdays. Short breaks: just standing up, walking around, being away from my desk for a couple of minutes. Before the check-up, I thought I needed glasses, but the vision test proved there was nothing wrong with my eyes. The blurriness I sometimes experienced turned out to be another effect of tiredness, of staring at a computer screen for too long. So you could say the check-up and the short breaks cured me of blurry vision, of a stiff back, and of the idea I needed glasses!’

‘Offering tips and tricks, improving or confirming the well-being of our Employeneurs: that’s exactly what TMC’s Vitality Program is meant for,’ says Loek Ghering, satisfied. ‘We want everyone at TMC to know and feel that we put our people and their health first. An organization full of sound minds in sound bodies - that’s what we want to be.’

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