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TMC: helping young talent grow

The most important lessons not only broaden your mind – they turn you into a different person. At least, that’s what happened to Izan Castro Molina, former TMC Employeneur. ‘I feel like a different guy,’ Izan says. ‘It seems like a lifetime has passed since I started working at TMC Eindhoven – and that was less than two years ago.’

Izan Castro Molina (1990) grew up and studied in Galicia, North-West Spain. His studies in applied physics took him to Madrid, and then to Groningen, and then on to Eindhoven, where he took his internship at Philips. He heard about TMC through several colleagues. ‘They told me about the Employeneurship Model, and I also learned about TMC’s special programs, aimed at a new generation of engineers. It didn’t take long for me to start thinking that TMC could be the perfect place to start my career.’

A couple of months later, after a well-deserved break in Spain, Izan returned to The Netherlands. He visited a job fair, because he knew TMC would be represented there. Izan handed his CV to account manager Bram Thelen. Soon, he was selected for TMC’s Pitch Session, a new selection process for candidates with high potential. Along with around eight other people, Izan was invited to give a talk about his career, his life, and his expectations.

Izan must have done something right, because he was invited to join TMC immediately. ‘Two days later,’ Izan recalls, ‘I already had a project.’

At the end of April 2015, he started at ASML Eindhoven as a design engineer. As a member of the Defectivity Performance Group, Izan became responsible for keeping ASML’s scanners clean from contamination. His team works to develop tools and software that detect and prevent the presence of nano-sized particles in ASML scanners.

As of January this year, Izan became a full-time employee of ASML. He also became part of ASML’s Technical Talent Program, a two-year program for promising newcomers. ‘The idea is to boost the careers of young engineers like me, to accelerate our development through extra training and coaching sessions.’

It’s easy to hear the enthusiasm in Izan’s voice when he talks about his current work. He also looks back fondly at his time at TMC: ‘It was my first real work experience. I learned so many new things. Not just from a technical perspective, but also on a more personal level. TMC is great at helping engineers develop soft skills: communication, planning, working with stakeholders. Every month or so my personal coach and I came together to discuss the work and my goals, and to find answers to my most important questions. I’m sure I’ll benefit from those chats and lessons for the rest of my career.’  

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