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Helping Employeneurs grow on a personal and professional level

‘My current project at Bosch started with a team of eight people,’ says TMC Employeneur Ferry Kester. ‘Today we have 70. I started as Process Development Engineer and am now the Project Lead of element production processes.’ In three years, Ferry has taken some big professional steps, and he’s changed personally too. ‘Together with Bosch, TMC and my personal coach at TMC, I’ve come to know a lot more about myself. That has been a great help to me, and I think it’s been a benefit to the team as well.’

Ferry Kester joined TMC in February 2014, immediately after graduating from his studies in Innovation Management in Eindhoven. Eager to get to work, he started at Bosch Transmission Technology right away. He was part of a small team, working on a competitive new product: a type of push belt, to be used in car transmissions.

As Process Development Engineer, Ferry was one of the people responsible for prototyping and developing three new types of push belts. Towards the end of 2015, one of the three types was selected for further development. Of the three, it was the most efficient  and used the smallest amount of fuel.

‘That’s the type we are still working on,’ Ferry says. ‘Everything’s shaping up well.’ While the project itself hasn’t changed, the circumstances have: it’s grown bigger and bigger, with approximately 70 people now working on the push belt, and Ferry suspects that more people will get on board as production, which is scheduled for 2020, nears.

‘It’s a diverse team, consisting of product, process, production, quality and proto engineers. Our responsibility is to come up with mass production processes that eventually deliver ‘elements’ of the push belt. There are a lot of factors we have to take into account: organization, quality, time and cost, and everything has to be done in a very short period of time. Therefore, we are optimizing the new design and developing processes simultaneously. It’s an exciting challenge that requires a high degree of flexibility.’

Although Ferry’s role has changed along the way, from Process Development Engineer to Project Lead, this move felt natural : ‘I’ve always enjoyed planning and organizing. I also received great advice and guidance from TMC. When I decided to take the step to Project Lead, we discussed the skills and the specific knowledge required for the role. TMC helped me by suggesting courses (Internal Project Management Associations D and Leadership Development Program), which were very useful.’

Ferry’s coach, Marjan Vaesen, who was recommended by TMC, helps him on a more personal level every six weeks. ‘In our meetings, we discuss and review the challenges I experience on the work floor. We try to find out why certain situations trigger certain responses. Sometimes we even go back to my childhood, to look for corresponding situations that helped shape my personality, and we analyze them.’ Ferry laughs, softly: ‘I’m a technician, so at first this personal, psychological approach seemed a bit woolly to me. But over the years, my skepticism faded. I’m positive that, by helping me to get to the bottom of my personality, Marjan helps me to be the best version of myself – the best Employeneur and Project Lead I have in me.’

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