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TMC Employeneur Awards: Tommy Barten

After finishing a successful project at ASML, TMC Employeneur Tommy Barten thought: why not give it a shot, and he decided to submit his recent work for an Employeneur Award. ‘My Project Lead and Group Lead at ASML were immediately on board, and were more than happy to give the jury their input.’ Ten months later, Tommy Barten received a silver Employeneur Award.

Rewarding creativity and long-term improvements

‘There are three categories of Employeneur Award,’ Tommy explains, ‘gold, silver and bronze, and each category comes with an extra incentive in the form of a prize sum. My nomination was submitted at the beginning of last year.’ It took the jury a while to pick their winners, but last November, Tom-my’s Account Manager gave him the good news. By then, Tommy’s mind was deep in the project he was working on at the time, and he’d almost forgotten about the nomination - so his surprise was even greater.

‘Of course, I’m very proud of my award, especially because of the way I won it: by being proactive, thinking outside of the box, working together with colleagues from different fields, and by showing entrepreneurial spirit in general.’ At the time, Tommy was working as a Design Engineer at ASML. He won the silver Employeneur Award for a project he started outside of his regular work: by being creative and persistent, Tommy developed a next step for in-depth EUV diagnostics. To get to this level, he got cooperated closely with suppliers and successfully shortened diagnostics times without any involvement of specialists.

‘When I started on this project, of course I had a certain goal in mind, but I have to say the results have surpassed my own expectations. I certainly wasn’t counting on winning any awards! But it’s a great feeling to know that I’ve left something behind and that my efforts have created long-term improvements.’

This year, Tommy started a new project at Innoluce in the role of Component Verification Engineer. Another exciting challenge, another opportunity to make a difference - but he looks back fondly on his previous project. ‘I’m glad my mission worked out, and I’m happy with the recognition I’ve received, both from TMC and ASML. That already is a reward in itself. But of course, a silver Employeneur Award doesn’t hurt either!’

Have a look at this article if you want to know more about the TMC Employeneur Awards and the assessment procedure.

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