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TMC: building meaningful connections with our Employeneurs

TMC Employeneur Jeroen Peetoom has graduated twice – in Computer Interface Technology and Car Technology studies. He has worked for several notable companies, in various roles, both on secondment and as a regular employee, so it’s safe to say he knows the technological sector from within. Is there a difference between TMC and the other companies he has come to know? ‘That would be an understatement,’ Jeroen says. ‘The connection between TMC and its Employeneurs is something else completely. It’s the first time I’ve experienced a working relationship like this.’

Jeroen joined TMC at the end of 2015. Right away, he was struck by TMC’s level of personal attention. ‘My situation at home hasn’t been easy: my wife is chronically ill, and we both were amazed at the support we received from TMC. There were small gestures that meant so much to us, like the flowers we received, and then there was the serious help. My personal coach even came to visit us at home and gave us some very useful practical advice. TMC’s personal guidance and commitment made it a lot easier for us during a tough period.’

While TMC’s personal approach was completely new to Jeroen, his first TMC project was not. Jeroen had been working as Experimental Test Engineer at Bosch Transmission Technology for a year, and he had taken up several roles at Bosch before that.

‘I already knew the company quite well,’ Jeroen says. ‘My role at Bosch has always depended on the kind of project I’m working on and the time of year. I’m available for several types of work. I always try to be flexible, which keeps my work interesting and challenging.’

As Experimental Test Engineer, Jeroen is responsible for everything that comes along with testing new products and testing changes in existing products. ‘I look for possible concerns whenever something in the product’s design has changed – even the slightest modifications must be researched thoroughly before they are completed. It’s my job to tackle problems before the production stage, by planning and conducting tests, and by gathering and analyzing data.’

Jeroen feels at home in his work, both at TMC and at Bosch: ‘Bosch offers its employees a lot of interesting training options, and a lot of opportunities to grow. For now, I’m very happy where I am. While I’m open to new steps, I feel I’m far from done here – there’s still so much to learn. However, it’s good to know that, should I ever feel the need to take a new step, TMC will look out for me. Being a TMC Employeneur, I can more or less go anywhere. Having a committed company behind me gives me a great sense of security.’

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