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TMC Belgium: a successful Young Graduates Program

Meet our very own Belgian Young Graduates Program

The YGP is a highly selective recruitment process dedicated to students about to finish their studies. It is divided in 3 main phases:

  • The 1st one is to introduce TMC to the students during the job fairs of the best Engineering Universities in Belgium. Right after the fair, our teams review the resumes of each one of the engineering graduates.
  • The second phase is to organize and manage in-house recruitment sessions called “Assessment Days”. During these meetings, candidates will be assessed by 3 different interviewers and their entrepreneurial skills will also be evaluated during a Business case.
  • The last part of our program is called The Young Graduates Training Program. From the beginning of September, several customized trainings are held in order to empower and guide our new recruits in their first working experience as an Employeneur at TMC.

According to Lucie Orognen, International Recruitment & Employer Branding officer at TMC and one of the driving forces behind the YGP, the program has been a huge success for three years now.

“It’s allowing TMC Belgium to fasten its growth thanks to some of the best ‘freshly graduated’ engineers joining its team (15 recruitments done each year through this program). Together with the human experience, these events are also a great opportunity for us to develop our brand awareness across the country and to spread the word about our unique Business Model: Employeneurship.”


11 job fairs, 11 Assessment Days, a common goal of 15 recruitments for 2017

Since the 15th of February, Employeneurs and Managers of TMC have combined their strengths and motivation in order to find and assess the best future young graduates to join our Belgian team. “We have reviewed over a thousand CVs and in the past few weeks we have invited and met 130 candidates during our Assessment Days. This year we aim to recruit again up to 15 new Employeneurs out of this program.

Following our last Assessment Day we now have the difficult task to finalize our selection of candidates but we are already looking forward to move to the next step: to welcome a new group of Employeneurs!” A nice example of ‘hard work pays off’.

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