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The Individual Employeneurs Award of 2019: Peter van Gemert

This year, the TMC Employeneurs Awards were even more special than usual because of the 20th anniversary of TMC. The winners of the Employeneurs Awards were announced at TMC’s birthday party at Domusdela in Eindhoven. Last year, the TMC Employeneurs Awards have been adjusted to a new and improved standard. It has changed to a yearly event with a bigger price for the winners in two categories: the Individual Award and the Group Award.

The Individual Award

The first week of February the jury members came together. The jury was formed of Employeneurs in different disciplines. In the Individual Award category there were 19 nominees. In the Group Award there were 4 groups nominated. Before the jury met, they had to dive into the projects and documents of the groups and individual nominees.

It didn’t take long before the winner of the individual award was decided. Even though all nominees really deserved to be nominated, all the jury members unanimously agreed upon Peter van Gemert as winner of the Individual Employeneurs Award of 2019. He stood head and shoulders above everyone else.

Most of the people were nominated by one or two persons but Peter was nominated by 6 persons. The people who nominated Peter voted for him because of his amazing performance as an Employeneur. To highlight some of his performances in 2019: he organized this year’s TMC Motor tour together with 11 Employeneurs from different cells. Last year, he switched projects from D&M to Vanderlande and he made sure his project was taken over by another Employeneur. He also took enough time to prepare the engineer who was going to take over the project. In his spare time Peter was consulting D&M when necessary. Furthermore, Peter and his colleague John Rademaekers started the ‘Buddy System’ inside the expertise cell Industrial Automation. Next to that, he is very involved in one of our TEL projects: Educational Modeling Prototype where he is taking the lead of the entire team with his commitment and enthusiasm.

At TMC we believe, he is a great example to our other Employeneurs and he shows how you can add value to all stakeholders of the company. Peter himself didn't expect to be nominated. "I've heard some rumors here and there, but it surprised me that I was nominated. When the name Peter was mentioned during the 20th anniversary of TMC I didn't realize that it was about me until I heard my last name, I was very happy and it brought me a lot of joy at that moment. Extra cool to hear this during this special event. I'm proud of myself, a great achievement."

"I feel at home at TMC because the atmosphere within this company is great."

Peter has been working at TMC with a lot of passion for about 2,5 years now, currently he is a PLC engineer at Vanderlande and is responsible for the software development within a project. ‘‘I feel at home at TMC because the atmosphere within this company is great. I have a good connection with the people in the expertise cell Industrial Automation. Within TMC there are a lot of fun and useful activities being organized, to me this is amazing. In the coming years, I would like to expand my knowledge and work on even more innovative projects in the Entrepreneurial Lab.’’

Besides the recognition of many people, Peter also won a monetary prize. ‘‘I've already spent it on a new motorbike, it's already in the garage and it's ready to be used during the TMC motorcycle weekend in June. The motorcycle tour goes through Germany, Luxembourg and via Belgium back home. A tough enjoyable tour but I'm really looking forward to it.’’

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