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Starting a job in another continent during Covid-19

This year has certainly brought many changes in working cultures. Everyone had to adapt and get used to a new way of working. When you work close by, a home office is usually set up relatively easy. But what if you are just starting a job in another country, or continent even?

Research has shown that 71% of the millennials want to work abroad during their career. One of these people is Matthieu Gueblez. The 26 years old French business manager always aspired a career abroad. He started working at TMC in June and was hired for our office in New York. Due to the Covid-situation there was a change of plans. We asked him about his experiences so far.

What did you think when you could not go to New York?

“Of course, I was a bit disappointed at first. I could already see myself wandering through the streets of Manhattan at that time. But fortunately, TMC came up with a great solution. I started working at the Paris office, since I was still living there as well. But within a month I was able to go to Eindhoven, where the headquarter of TMC is located. I worked there for about four months which was nice. I got to know the colleagues and the working culture pretty well. This serves as a great basis to start in the US.

The United States have still closed its borders for foreigners, but a few weeks ago I flew to Canada to work at the office in Montreal. I am glad to finally be on the American continent, it genuinely feels like a major step in the right direction. Quite literally actually, as I am now in the same time zone already.”

How did you experience the first months?

“It is a very strange period, but exciting as well. People in my environment are very surprised and ask me if I like this way of starting a new job. But I think it is a major opportunity! When do you get the chance to see so many offices and countries in such a short time? And the fact that TMC gives me this opportunity makes me feel like they have a lot of confidence in me.

It did however bring some challenges as well. I had to cope with a time difference of six hours between me and my colleagues and clients. This required some flexibility from my side since my working days obviously weren’t from 9 till 5.”

The evolution of remote working

Just a few years ago, we could not have imagined how easy and common working from another continent is nowadays. Working environments have changed enormously, especially over the last year. But for many TMC employees, working from around the world isn’t new, such as for our Field Service Engineers. Would you like to know more about the international opportunities at TMC or share your thoughts on this topic? We look forward to connecting with you!

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