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Redefining problems with a multidisciplinary approach

Over his first two years at TMC, test engineer Nikolaos Peitsinis has experienced for himself the creative benefits of the multi-disciplinary approach. We caught up with Nikolaos to see how he came to this way of working, and what he has learned along the way. 

‘I started my career as a test engineer in the hi-tech industry designing software for testing hardware products,’ Nikolaos says. ‘As other colleagues of mine had found out, sooner or later, that job did not focus solely on software development. I worked with mechanics, electronics and PCBs, studied schematics and datasheets, performed calibration on lab equipment.’

During his studies, Master in Electrical Engineering, Nikolaos was fortunate enough to come into contact with several fields of engineering, including software, electronics, motion control, and electrical systems. ‘I realized that engineering has such a broad spectrum of disciplines that it would be impossible for me to become an expert in more than one field. The kind of engineer I wanted to be could be summed up as: Electrical Engineer – a role that includes knowledge of software as much as hardware, even physics and mechanics.’

In 2016, Nikolaos started working for TMC Test & Integration, where he was introduced to Test Automation, Software and Hardware Integration. He even taught himself Python programming. ‘As a TMC Employeneur, I worked with anything I could get my hands on. My experience as a generalist made me open to opportunities to learn and understand new disciplines. TMC has offered me exciting new opportunities, while allowing me to follow my own career path. Challenging and exciting projects allowed me to acquire new technical skills, while training and meeting with coaches pushed me to sharpen my soft skills. TMC's pool of experts provides support for all my technical and career pursuits and helps me towards achieving my goals.’

Right now, Nikolaos is working in an Agile team on a web application, performing manual testing on the developed product while preparing a Test Automation framework for smoke testing. ‘Technically, it is not very different from what I have done before,’ Nikolaos says. ‘But the development model of the product, my very close position to the development team, and the direct contact with and care of the business perspective are a new challenge.’

Nikolaos sees lots of advantages of working in a multi-disciplinary environment: ‘Over the last two years, I have worked with several different subjects, some more fitting to me than others. The multi-disciplinary approach involves redefining problems outside normal boundaries and reaching solutions based on a new understanding of a situation. Multidisciplinary engineers not only provide fresh ideas to the industry, we gain broader perspective and knowledge that accompanies the flexibility and variety in subjects and experience.’

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