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On a journey of discovery with TMC's Leadership Development Program

‘I have always aspired to a management position,’ says TMC's New Production Introduction Employeneur Sander Kemps. “TMC recognized my potential and offered me training. What I did not expect was that my start would be so challenging.’

‘At the beginning of the training,’ Sander explains, ‘I was confronted with myself enormously. The first assignment was to write a biography and submit myself to a thorough observation. As one of the youngest participants, I had difficulties with this assignment. I have a positive attitude towards life and found it very difficult to consider whether I have any issues or struggle in particular situations.’

But Sander realized that in his project at the time, he was running into occasional situations that hindered him in his daily work. ‘I took these examples to the training course and received some useful advice I could apply. There was also an actor present with whom I could roleplay and learn what I could do if a conversation was difficult.’

'This program has given me more insight into myself and the work that suits me.’

Designed by TMC and the company Pontes, the Leadership Development Program enabled Sander to get to know himself better. He succeeded in looking at himself in a different, more profound way. ‘I discovered that in my communication with other people, I sometimes wanted to make my point quickly and clearly without much self-awareness. Because of this insight, I started communicating in a new way and dealing with people differently. I think that I fit into the role of a coaching leader. I want to grow in this role.’

As well as gaining a better understanding of his own communication style, Sander had another realisation: ‘During the training, I noticed that I was eager to start a new project. Traveling and getting to know new people and cultures had to be an important part. With this knowledge, I could begin my search together with TMC.’

In March 2018, Sander started a new project perfectly suited to him. ‘As project leader of the Perfect Material Return Project at ASML, I optimize the return process of defective parts of a machine, which come back to the factory from the customer. I regularly travel the world to train Install Engineers and Warehouse Operators. This mainly concerns change management, with the aim of administering and packaging the parts in the required manner. An example of this is that the serial numbers of the components in the software system must match the serial number of the defective part. I now have a project for which I start my day with passion. I am grateful to TMC for my participation in The Leadership Development Program. This program has given me more insight into myself and the work that suits me.’

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