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Nothing sells better than enthusiasm!

In the cosy kitchen laptops are placed on the table. TMC Industrial Automation 'employeneurs' John Rademaekers and Peter van Gemert are ready for a coaching session. John is a senior software engineer and he coaches Peter in hard skills and soft skills. They have a strong connection and meet regularly. During their meetings Peter is able to discuss technical and other issues with John.

John had worked at TMC for just a year when he first came across Peter. “Coincidentally, I got talking to Peter's mother at a car wash. I was so enthusiastic about my new job at TMC that I told her about it. Apparently, my enthusiasm was contagious. She told me about her son's passion for industrial automation, so I contacted Peter through Facebook.”

Peter continues: “John's enthusiasm about TMC appealed to me and I was eager to learn more about this organisation. He told me that TMC had made him promises, which were fulfilled abundantly. I did not believe that at first. John tipped me to sign up for a workshop given by suppliers of automation systems and facilitated by TMC. After this training session I made an appointment with account manager Marco Haasjes. My resume was not up to date, but that didn't bother Marco. He was more interested in how passionate I am about achieving my goals for the future.”

John: “I have promised Peter that I will do everything within my power to help him achieve this goal."

Like no other, John knows how difficult this work field can be. “In technology one is often left to one’s fate. At the time, I missed having a mentor who could help me with difficult issues. I had the feeling that Peter was dissatisfied with his employer, so I immediately thought that TMC could be the organisation that could help him find his path. With my technical background and coaching skills I felt I could help Peter.”

The 'buddy system' within Industrial Automation has started with John and Peter. John is coach to a number of junior software engineers, of which Peter is one. For his part, Peter gets access to a knowledge pool of about twenty engineers. John: “You can consider this as an appropriate addition to past education, where you can draw on the knowledge and experience of colleagues.” Peter: “If I run into difficulties during my work, I plan an appointment with John. I learn a lot from him and he advises me how to tackle issues. We have a group app where you can post questions. Within a few days, I'd had four advisory meetings with colleagues. The great thing is that the customer also benefits from this, because all this advice informs my daily work.”

Peter is very grateful to TMC for the steps he has been able to make. “I am ambitious and want to achieve my goal, which is to be one of the best software engineers.” John: “I have promised Peter that I will do everything within my power to help him achieve this goal. With his enthusiasm he will definitely succeed. It is the enthusiasm you exude that sells!”

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