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Nanoserve: making a difference with unique technology in a unique collaboration

When Amina moved to the Netherlands for the love of her live a few years ago, she googled ‘Nanotechnology Eindhoven’ and found TMC. She had a professional goal and was looking for the ultimate partner to collaborate with to reach this goal. Now she is working part time as a senior Nanotechnology consultant with TMC and the rest for her company Nanoserve. TMC gives her the opportunity to further develop her company and at the same time be involved in the Nanovations Program. A program which aims to bring knowledge of nanotechnology to companies, help them innovate and offer them the possibility to do proof of concepts in our laboratory.

In 2014 Amina had started her own company, Nanoserve. An originally French start-up specialized in sustainable nanotechnology and nano-design. Amina started her career in 2000 as a graduate in Physical Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Applied Sciences in Basel. As senior scientist she had the opportunity to contribute to the implementation of one of the pioneer laboratories of nanotechnology in Switzerland. At that time the field of nanotechnology was rather new in Europe and only a handful of scientists knew what nanotechnology is about and were aware about the huge impact this new technology would bring to our daily life.

"Nanotechnology can bring true solutions in a wide range of applications and provide answers to large technological challenges."

“Working in the field of nanotechnology is really fascinating! For more than twelve years I have built my expertise in nano-analytics, nanoparticles technology and nanomedicine. However, only after five years working at international projects on environmental nanotechnologies and nanomedicine,  I realized that the biggest challenge for the coming years would be to overcome the problem of nanotoxicity”, Amina explains. That was the main reason why she decided to start her own company. “Unfortunately there are a lot of misconceptions and prejudgments about nanotechnology in general. However, if used in the right way, nanotechnology can bring true solutions in a wide range of applications and provide answers to large technological challenges. 

Let me give you just a few life changing examples. By using nanoparticles it is possible to reduce the doses of pesticides applied to plants by 90% for equal efficacy or higher. This means that we can reduce the amount of excessive pesticides that is absorbed by the soil and pollutes our groundwater. In the medical field, nanotechnology can literally save lives. Nano-encapsulation, a proven solution, increases the effectiveness of treatments while significantly reducing the doses and thus side effects. I strongly believe safe use of nanotechnology is possible and I want to show companies how safe use of nanomaterials can make a difference in our world. ”   Within TMC Amina met with Ted van Hoof, Director of TMC Nanotechnology. “This immediately felt good, and I was charmed by the Employeneurship model. I told them about the goals and mission of Nanoserve and we found each other in a unique collaboration. In just a short time we have built a really trustful relationship in which I feel my limits are respected and my potential is flourishing.”

“Nanoserve is a real valuable asset within TMC”, Ted adds. “Nanoserve has long term experience in nanomaterial technology, nano-analytics and nanomedicine. Their safe-by-design nanotechnology is a gamechanger for greater adoption of the technology. Next to that Amina has already built a strong network in the health and life sciences sector with well-established collaborations with different hospitals and private institutions over Europe. Nanoserve has an operative and equipped laboratory for R&D where innovative solutions and their feasibility can be tested.”

"We are now more strongly applying nanotechnology to companies that require material innovations."

The collaboration between TMC and Nanoserve is based on the fitting skills of an innovative technology and a competence enabling organization. “With the joining of our networks and with the guidance of our Employeneurship model, we are now more strongly applying nanotechnology to companies that require material innovations. Next to that Amina serves as a valuable ambassador for TMC, as she can open doors to companies with her specific expertise. Together we are offering our laboratory and expertise to companies who want to take steps into innovating with this technology.”

About TMC Nanovations

With Nanovations we help organizations innovate using nanotechnology. We scope and develop new products and processes in co-creation and validate them with you. We apply our expertise in nanotechnology research and development in a systematic way and complement it with our extensive partner network. Read more… 

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