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My kind of people

Engineers often come to TMC after hearing about the Employeneur experience from colleagues. This is how it was for TMC Mechanical Employeneurs Kristien Pas and Sjoerd de Geus, who were working together at an engineering firm.

“I first heard about TMC during a conversation with an Employeneur at a party,” Kristien says. “The person I was chatting to asked me: what is it you're looking for? My interest was immediately piqued. Soon after, I had an official meeting with an account manager. I did not have high expectations, because I was afraid that I would just be a number there. But I immediately got the feeling that these were 'my kind of people'. The atmosphere was very relaxed and homely, and I felt welcome at once. I’ve been working at TMC for over two years now, and I feel exactly the same.”

"You are in charge of your own development and are helped where necessary."

It was thanks to Kristien’s enthusiasm for TMC that Sjoerd came to the team. “At the firm where Kristien and I had been working together, I was given a tough assignment to develop myself in a direction which did not fit my qualities. Because of that I didn’t feel comfortable at this company. Kristien suggested that I talk to TMC. She explained how Employeneurs have control over their own development and how special the entrepreneurship aspect is. Thanks to her, I spoke to an account manager and went on to work in a more stimulating environment than I ever imagined possible.”

Kristien and Sjoerd are both industrial product designers. Kristien has designed outdoor lamps for Philips Lighting, which are burning along the ringroad in Eindhoven. She is now working on an assignment at Océ as Project Manager at the Equipment Engineering department. Sjoerd thinks mass production is a good profession and his assignment overlaps with mechanical engineering. He works at an engineering firm on a large refrigeration circuit in the middle of a high-tech environment.

"TMC feels like family.”

The expectations Sjoerd had of TMC have been fulfilled. “The first impression I got was that you can be yourself with TMC. You are in charge of your own development and are helped where necessary. You can choose a coach from multiple external agencies – although I would have liked more guidance in making my choice, because I was overwhelmed by the many possibilities! My current assignment is soon to end, and I am already being asked in which direction I would like to develop myself. I have the opportunity to look at the work environments of other colleagues to get ideas.”

In the past few years, TMC has grown enormously and employs people from all around the world. Offices have also been established overseas, which means there are more opportunities to work abroad than ever before. Kristien says: “I think it would be great to work on a project abroad for a while. Still, I hope that the company will not grow so much that the homely atmosphere disappears, because TMC feels like family.”

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