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Managing the immigration process

Moving to another country is a huge step for everyone. As an internationally oriented company, TMC helps to manage the immigration process as smoothly as possible for its foreign Employeneurs. For example by facilitating Dutch courses and providing them with beneficial tax conditions. Daniele Cararo and Taner Alsancak have left their home countries Brazil and Turkey to work for TMC in Eindhoven. What are their first impressions?

Both Daniele and Taner started working as a TMC Employeneur on April 1st of 2019. Daniele was looking for a job at an international company that would allow her to grow. TMC was willing to give her that chance. Her first project is working as a Supplier Quality Engineer at ASML. “At first I was quite nervous about starting a new job in the Netherlands, but the adaptation process went much easier than expected. For example, they recommended a hotel where I could stay for the first two months, and assigned a TMC buddy who helped me to find a home. Everyone warned me for the bureaucracy, but that turned out to be far from the truth: I immediately felt very welcome and relaxed here, even though it was my very first time in Holland.”

Willingness to help

The primary reason for Taner and his wife, both TMC Employeneurs and working for DAF, to leave their homeland was different: they could think of better countries than Turkey to raise their little daughter. Taner studied in Germany, so he was already familiar with the European culture. “What I like the most is the tolerance level of the Dutch people and their open faces. The Brainport region is very technically and industrially oriented, which makes it a perfect place to work for me. TMC was the first company I approached and it felt good from the very start. Its willingness to help made me feel so welcome, especially since I could start a Dutch course almost immediately.”

“TMC was the first company I approached and it felt good from the very start. Its willingness to help made me feel so welcome.”

Improving day by day

Daniele can confirm this. “Although nearly every Dutchman speaks a certain level of English, to me it’s evident to try to understand the Dutch language and culture. Although English is the first language at ASML, most people in the coffee corners speak Dutch. I believe it’s my job to be able to understand them as soon as possible. Dutch comes across as a very difficult language, since its sounds are unfamiliar to me as a Brazilian. But I’m doing the best I can while my Dutch is improving day by day.”

Helping in several ways

Taner is in his second course already. “The first one was very much focused on writing and grammar, whereas this one is on verbal skills. Which is exactly what I need. Besides language courses, TMC has arranged so much more for me. They helped me obtain a resident certificate format, provided a remarkable allowance for the relocation of my belongings from abroad and made an appointment with the consulate in Istanbul. And on my very first day at work, meetings with the bank and the insurance company had been arranged. They nurture a long term relationship, making me feel secure about the future.”

Beneficial tax conditions

Daniele adds that during her first five years in Holland, thanks to TMC thirty percent of her salary will not be taxed. The same goes for her savings account. Moreover, she’s allowed to exchange her Brazilian driving license for a Dutch one, without having to redo the test. “And above all that, I was also pleased that TMC gave me the opportunity to participate in coaching sessions and soft skill trainings. And let’s not forget the Entrepreneurial Lab, that enables us to develop our own products,” Daniele concludes.

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