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Lucia | Nanovations: 'I’d love to contribute to helping people and a healthier environment'

Lucia Marra joined TMC in August 2016 because of the opportunities the company offered her: ‘The chance to have expert coaches, follow challenging learning courses, and to develop my technical skills as well as my soft skills. Also, the possibility to work for all kinds of clients and to understand different companies from within.’ Lucia made the most of all these opportunities: she made a smooth transition from Researcher and Technical Adviser to Project Leader, and got closer to the type of job she dreamed about when she was growing up.

After completing a few short-term assignments, Lucia has recently started as Project Leader NPI at Merck Window Technologies. The new managerial role comes with more responsibilities, which is exactly what Lucia was looking for: ‘A while ago, I asked my Account Manager to focus on this type of application. Luckily, he was really open to giving me a chance to develop myself. He also encouraged me to follow a course that would provide me with the proper certifications for my new role.’

Coaching that fits my goals

Lucia also took full advantage of TMC’s broad range of coaches: ‘With each of them, I focused on different targets, and every time we set new specific goals. My first coach, for instance, helped me work out the type of profile I wanted to grow towards - something I wasn’t completely sure about. Another coach helped me to develop the right kind of attitude for the role of Project Leader. I would say that in general I’m a flexible, accommodating kind of person. I enjoy helping others, and saying ‘no’ can be hard for me. As a Project Leader, I have learned the importance of consulting team members and colleagues before making a rational decision in the best interest of the project. Sometimes that means I have to be a bit more strict, but in an informed and logical way.’

'I’ve always been passionate about finding ways to improve our quality of life through hi-tech solutions without damaging the environment. 'Life mission

By thinking about her goals and planning her future, Lucia discovered which topics really sparked her interest her: ‘I’ve always cared a lot about issues around pollution, sustainability and the life-cycle of materials. I’ve always been passionate about finding ways to improve our quality of life through hi-tech solutions without damaging the environment. During my coaching sessions, I realized my work and my background could be combined with my life mission. This implied some changes in the way I look at technology and innovation, and in the approach I’d take to develop products in a more sustainable way.’


Connecting hi-tech solutions with societal challenges, with a strong focus on environmental ethics - Lucia’s goals are as ambitious as they are idealistically driven. ‘I’d love to contribute to helping people as well as contributing to a healthier environment.’ With that objective in mind, last year she joined TMC Nanovations: a side project in which a group of TMC Employeneurs explored the benefit of introducing existing nanotechnology innovations to companies. For example, sensors which can monitor indoor air quality or coatings for self-cleaning surfaces that can be applied in window production or the automotive industry.

‘What I like about the project is not just the possibility to initiate new sustainable projects - it’s also the interaction with enthusiastic and inspiring colleagues. I love the team spirit. Like everything I’ve done so far at TMC, it’s another opportunity for development.’

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