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"Leaving TMC made me realize Employeneurship is a natural fit"

Sometimes, shifting to a different environment can help shed a whole new light on what we value most. That’s what Bart Hermsen experienced soon after he left TMC: "I realized that I’d taken the TMC work approach for granted, assuming every effective company must work in this same way. Which isn’t the case. TMC is unique. I also realized how TMC’s model was a natural fit with my own views and the needs of the current market. Looking back, my short spell away actually brought me closer to myself and to TMC."

While Bart hadn’t expected to return to TMC after six months, his colleagues weren’t as surprised to see him back. When Bart left in January to take up a new challenge at PDM, CEO Ronald van Gerwen wished him well and added: "I have a feeling we’ll be seeing you again soon at TMC."

Ronald’s instincts were correct: a month ago, Bart took up the role of Cell Director Manufacturing Support West & Midden. "I hate to prove Ronald right," Bart says, with a laugh, "I know I’ll never hear the end of it! But on a more serious note, I’m still glad I took the step away from TMC. It made me realize how TMC’s core values and the Employeneurship model encompass my strongest convictions, on a professional and a personal level – even the ones I wasn’t fully aware of up until a few months ago."

 "Rather than within the technology itself, the revolution is taking place within ourselves – within people."

Bart’s time away from TMC gave him a fresh perspective on a significant change in the technology field: "Technology is evolving more rapidly than ever - often in unprecedented ways and through fast-changing partnerships," he explains. "Rather than within the technology itself, the revolution is taking place within ourselves – within people. The big question now is: what is the human aspect of techno-logical progress and how do we benefit from the changes in our own mentality?"

"One of the most important shifts is taking place in the relationship between employers and their employees. Before, employees were more or less used as a tool for product development or to increase a company’s production. In short, the employer was there to accelerate the development of the company. Today, we’re growing towards an entirely different relationship: facilitating the employees' growth and professional development has become a key part of the employer’s responsibility."'

That’s exactly what the Employeneurship model aims for. "At TMC, we try to help our Employeneurs become the best version of themselves. It’s not just a matter of helping them to be the best in their field - we offer them lots of opportunities to grow in a broader sense as well. As entrepreneurs, for instance. We give them the freedom to fully develop their creativity, and we help them put their creative ideas into practice. That’s not just the best way to keep up with today’s rapid technological progress - it’s the only way. Like TMC, I’m fully convinced of that, and I’m glad to be back in an organization whose core values completely match my own."

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