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Industry 4.0

Are we prepared for the next industry evolution?

A lot of information can be found on the subject Industry 4.0 but we found it conflicting. What is the definition of Industry 4.0? How is it related to IoT, Smart Manufacturing or Smart Factory?


To find answers on these important questions, Employeneurs of TMC New Product Introduction visited some workshops and seminars on this topic last year. Based on this information Employeneurs Bert Stohr and Ronald Cornelissen organized a Pizza Session about Industry 4.0 at TMC. Due to the overwhelming response, they had to organize a second one.


The chosen approach of the session was interactive whereby the definition of Industry 4.0 and the possible impact on work content was shared with the audience. Bert Stohr was curious about the thoughts of the audience: “We wanted to hear their insights, expertise and opinions. This has led to interesting discussions, about both detailed technical and social effects, but also the unclear focus of Industry 4.0.

 “However, both times we have been able to convince ourselves that this global evolution will have a major social impact on the work of ourselves and our children because new business models are emerging and will irrevocably change the definition of work.“

 Interested about this important industry evolution? Feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail to or

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