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How to work on a great variety of projects

In his four years as Employeneur at TMC, Roel Bruggeman grew from Quality Assurance Engineer to Quality Engineer. At the moment, he's mastering the role of Indepent Manufacturer. He has worked for challenging clients like Nedcar, Bosch and Vanderlande Industries. Last year, he even received a Bronze Employeneur Award for his work at one of his clients. But to him, the valuable lessons he learned might be even more important than his achievements and the recognition: 'TMC gives you more insight into your own value, and a sharp and critical perspective on your current projects. It really stresses the idea that you get the best results and the most pleasure out of your work if you keep on challenging yourself.'


At the moment, Roel is working on a project at MHS. Before that he was in VIP for the first time. VIP means TMC's programme for Employeneurs temporarily without a project. 'These periods without a project are never very long,' he explains. 'Usually, you have a new project within a month. But during that short time in VIP, you're encouraged in all kinds of ways to work on how you present yourself. You learn about the best ways to update your CV and your LinkedIn profile, and you're encouraged to explore your opportunities and show your strengths. You also get a firm grasp on your own drives and ambitions, and how to best present these during interviews with potential new clients.'

TMC shows its Employeneurs great support, says Roel, and the Employeneurs support each other too: 'There's a get-together once a week, where you meet Employeneurs from outside of your business cell too. You alert each other to possible new roles, or to clients you hadn't considered yourself. That way, you keep each other on your toes, and every new meeting gives you the feeling that you're not alone in this. Thanks to the Employeneurship Model, you can count on a fixed income, even when you're not on a project, which gives you a great sense of peace and security.'


Roel used that sense of peace to keep on looking - within as well as outside of The Netherlands. One country in particular has had his strong interest. You could even call it the place of his dreams: Sweden. 'One of the great advantages of working at TMC is that you're able to work in so many different places all over the world. I have a strong personal connection to Sweden myself; I've been going there for over fifteen years. It's a wonderful country with a culture that suits me, and I speak the language too. While thinking about new projects, it suddenly occurred to me: why not explore the possibilities at TMC Sweden?'

Earlier this year, Roel took a CAD-Software course in Sweden. Since then, he's been in touch with TMC Sweden's CEO too. A very pleasant connection for both of them. The project at MHS was Roel's first choice for now, however if asked about the possibility of moving to and working as an Employeneur in Sweden in the future, the answer is a firm 'yes'. 'It's very possible, because my field, the Automotive Industry, is very big over there. Sweden really feels like a second home - it would be wonderful if I, with TMC's support, could turn it into my first home!'

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