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Helping Employeneurs find their strengths

‘I have never been a very typical TMC Employeneur,’ says Joep de Vries. ‘Working at a variety of companies on different projects can be exciting, but in the end I prefer to stick to one place for a longer period.’ Still, six years as a TMC Employeneur has been a valuable experience for Joep: ‘The attention to personal development at TMC helped me get to know myself better, and it has taught me how to get the most satisfaction from my work.’ 
Joep de Vries has been working at DAF Trucks, Eindhoven, since 2011. Next week, he will join the company on a permanent basis, as a Corrosion Specialist – a role he has been performing for more than a year now. He’s excited about the move. His previous job, as a Material Engineer, had meant focussing on immediate, day-to-day problems, but in his new role, Joep is more involved in the bigger picture: looking ahead, creating plans for the longer term, sharing and discussing the plans with colleagues, and fine-tuning the most complicated parts. This style of working is perfectly suited to Joep’s goals and ambitions.

‘Over the years, I’ve come to realize that this is what I probably like best about my work: sharing and exchanging knowledge. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned during my time at TMC is to always look for the type of work that gives me energy. Ideally, you leave home in the morning looking forward to your work day, and you get back home in the evening feeling satisfied. I’ve learned to figure out which type of work gives me those sensations – then I try to do that type of work as much as I can. It all sounds very simple, but it can take a while to really figure out where your strengths and passions are.’

TMC helps Employeneurs find those strengths and passions. ‘In my jobs before TMC, I never had a personal coach. At TMC, my coach and I quickly established a plan for my personal development, based on questions like: how can I get the most out of my career? What are my goals for the next five years? Which courses and training programs would help me achieve those goals?’

During his time at TMC, Joep benefited from several training and development programs. These helped him to get his message across more clearly, and to plan his time more carefully and successfully – skills that come in very handy in his new position. ‘TMC helped me take some big steps,’ Joep concludes. ‘And now, I’m ready to take the next steps myself.’

What's your next step? We can help you with that