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Genson and TMC Data Sciences’ Cross Industry Collaboration | Power of Data for Business Transformation

A collaboration between Genson and TMC might seem unlikely at first glance. Genson is a well-established agriculture business with more than half a century experience in the field, whereas TMC is a well-known partner when it comes to science, technology and engineering, especially in high-tech. So, what brings them together? The answer is data.

Genson has seen rapid growth in the last decades, now employing over 800 people in a harvest season. As the company grew, so did the importance of having clear business insights to take the right decisions. However, the existing data landscape had its limitations to facilitate the needs of the business. This is where the experience of TMC Data Science came in.

Analysing business needs

Three of TMC’s Data Scientists, Ahmet Coşkun, Willem van der Geest and Natasja van de L’Isle completed the QuickScan at Genson in a week. They analysed the data landscape and next steps for a future ready infrastructure were formulated, including advice for new systems for resource planning. They thereby identified the missing tools and technology and provided a direct solution. At the end of the week, the plan was presented. Genson was enthusiastic about the results and Ahmet is currently working at the company to implement the data landscape transformation.

In the composition of the QuickScan team, we always strive to combine different expertises. At Genson, we were able to form a team with knowledge of system architecture and data engineering, but also very efficient in communication and understanding business requirements. This was a key factor of the success of this QuickScan,” says Willem.

Reflecting at the comprehensive collaboration process, kick starting with a QuickScan and providing hands-on implementation has proven effective. "With the help of the QuickScan, we’ve made a flying start with this project. Our new data scientist immediately had a clear picture of all the needs, processes, preconditions and parties involved.”

About the QuickScan

TMC launched the QuickScan to help companies kick-start of accelerate their data science activities. During this scan, two or three of our data scientists will go to an organization to map out its business activities and provide a clear plan for data science and AI in just a few days. For more information, please visit the QuickScan website or get in contact with Bram Thelen.

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