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From Latvia to The Netherlands to Taiwan and Shanghai

What if you are an ambitious technical professional living in Latvia and you want to work in the worlds’ leading region for innovative technology? You have to think across borders. So Davis Danga did. He made sure his LinkedIn profile was up to date and looked for agencies that offered opportunities here in the Netherlands. His profile caught the attention of Yannick Vliegen, account manager with TMC Field Service. “Yannick very quickly recognized my ambitions, and after he explained the Employeneurship model to me I felt this was my chance.”

When we meet up with Davis he has been working for ASML as a field service engineer for six months and he had just returned from a trip to Taiwan. “I went there for a six-week internship with a trainer to oversee a real installation and get on-the-job training. It was really exciting. Within six months I moved from Latvia to Eindhoven with my girlfriend and went on a trip to Taiwan. I have learned a lot really fast.” 

Making the move

“TMC made moving to the Netherlands a lot easier. They helped me and my girlfriend find a house, set up our bank accounts and other administrative affairs. We didn’t really experience any difficulties with moving because of this. We have settled in quite well now and have made friends on and off the job. My girlfriend is working in a café in Eindhoven and is learning English and Dutch. In Latvia she was an opera singer with the national opera. Eventually she would love to find a job as a singer again with an opera company.”

“The best thing about working for TMC is that they help me develop the skills I need in my job, but also with more personal skills.”

Fun challenge

Talking with his account manager Yannick, Davis learned that he is more fit to coordinate installations than doing installations himself. “I am very eager to develop myself and I wanted to work abroad. The job I do now has a global scope. I have to anticipate problems that can occur with installations before they occur so that I can make sure that – if necessary – we can implement solutions in time. Being in contact with all the different parties involved and being responsible for stakeholder management is what makes my job a fun challenge.”

Personal development

“The best thing about working for TMC is that they help me develop the skills I need in my job, but also with more personal skills. Within the development program I was able to choose a coach. When we had just moved to The Netherlands we had to get used to the cultural differences, and my coach helped me understand them. Now that I am used to the Dutch directness, we can focus on my professional development plan. I want to gain more confidence and communication skills to eventually grow into a management role.”

After our meeting Davis had to get ready for his next trip. This time to Shanghai for another installation. 

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