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Freedom, challenges and valuable lessons

‘In our line of work, perfection is not some kind of impossible goal,’ says TMC Employeneur Wouter van Helvoort, ‘it’s a necessity. A new product that works wonderfully ninety-five out of a hundred times will never make it. The new product has to work perfectly every time.’

Since finishing his studies in chemical engineering in 2005, Wouter has built up an impressively diverse career history. He has worked as a research scientist, as well as in smaller companies with small labs, and at bigger companies with large production lines. This year, Wouter joined TMC. He started immediately as a New Production Introduction Engineer at Teledyne Dalsa in Eindhoven. With his team-mates, Wouter is responsible for creating and developing production technology for sensors used in medical equipment.

Joining TMC was a deliberate decision that turned out very well, for several reasons: ‘I have always enjoyed being an engineer,’ Wouter says, ‘but if you work at a company on a permanent basis, a big part of your job as an engineer consists of troubleshooting – filling gaps, so to speak. After a while, that can get very tiresome, and it distracts you from tackling the underlying problems.’

‘If you work at a company in a different role, to help fix a specific problem, or to find ways to ramp-up production, as I am doing now at Teledyne Dalsa, the focus is much more on the problem or the task at hand. Much less on filling gaps.’

There is another huge advantage to working on secondment, Wouter says: ‘After having spent a while at a certain company, I tend to get slightly restless and I feel the need to start looking for new challenges. Working on secondment more or less guarantees a constant stream of new challenges, which fits my personality and my style of working quite well.’

It’s not just the new type of work that pleases Wouter, it’s also the new company. ‘I’ve only been at TMC for four months,’ Wouter says, ‘but I already know that TMC’s way of thinking is going to be extremely helpful for me. Being an engineer, my natural focus is on data, but TMC’s coaches are helping me further improve in the areas of my work that have nothing to do with data, at least not directly: building and maintaining work relationships, the best ways to work in a team – in short, the more personal aspects of my career. I’m positive that everything I’m learning at TMC will make me a stronger person, both on the workfloor and in my personal life.’

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