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TMC: finding perfect challenges for driven Employeneurs

'The most important question is not: in what type of work do I want to invest my energy?’ says TMC Employeneur Michael Maessen. ‘The most important question is: what kind of work gives me energy? In my time at TMC, I’ve worked at several interesting companies, but I’m far from done developing myself. You can’t just sit down with your arms crossed and wait for the next challenge to arrive. You have to keep looking for it and find the right people to guide you – to me, that’s exactly what TMC stands for.’

Since arriving at TMC in 2012, Michael has worked on a great variety of projects. Sometimes for a couple of months, in a company that was completely new to him, and sometimes for several years at a company he already knew quite well. His roles have been varied: from Technical operator and (lead) Process Engineer, to Maintenance Engineer, but he has always worked at the frontline between development and production. He has worked in Nijmegen, Eindhoven, and even in Germany, for ULM Photonics – a Philips company.

‘I really enjoyed my time in Germany,’ Michael remembers. ‘I was only supposed to be there for two weeks. But in the end, I stayed for three months. It was very interesting to get to know a different culture from within. Of course, Germany and The Netherlands are not worlds apart, but even small differences can broaden your horizons and change the way you look at things.’

In his current role at Bosch Transmission Technology, Michael is working in equipment and process engineering. As washing engineer, he is part of the assembly section for two end-of-line washers. Together with his colleagues, he is responsible for continuous improvement in, and support for, the Bosch Vietnam end-of-line wash installation.

‘I’m enjoying my work at Bosch,’ Michael says. ‘I’ve been there for a year, but I’m still learning new things every day.’ Michael’s curiosity never takes a break. Neither does his ambition. ‘In the future, I would love to work in a more strategic role – possibly as Lead Engineer, or Project Leader. Project Manager wouldn’t suit me, I think – it might be a bit too far from the technical work.’

Every six weeks, Michael meets his Account Manager, Noortje van Boxtel, to discuss his goals and the best ways to reach them. They talk about future projects or courses that might be of help, or they look for other Employeneurs who have taken similar steps. ‘That’s another advantage of TMC: the huge network. There are always some Employeneurs who are on the same path you are on, and they are always happy to share their experiences.’

The guidance he receives from TMC adds to Michael’s natural confidence about the challenges that await him. ‘I have great hopes for the future,’ he concludes. ‘I know I’m in the right place.’

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