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Feel the adrenaline running through your veins

On Friday November 1st TMC organises the Speed Date Racing Event on the famous Zandvoort race circuit. During this once-in-a-lifetime Recruitment Event professional drivers Dillon Koster and Tim Schulte take candidates for a spin in their race cars. Both sponsored by TMC, Dillon and Tim share with us the ins and outs of professional auto racing.

The fact that Dillon Koster (43) ever started auto racing is nothing short of a miracle. In 1992 he had a near fatal accident when his motorcycle drove straight into a rope that was tied across the road. He barely survived and was forced to quit his football career with professional football club HFC Haarlem. Few people would desire a career in auto racing after an experience like that, but Dillon was unfazed. He got his racing license in 1994, proved to be a talented driver and participated in professional auto races three years later. 

'Auto racing is like starting up a business'.

More than twenty years later he still gets joy from racing his Renault Clio at speeds of 220 kilometres per hour on the racing circuit. ‘It’s the challenge, the fight with yourself, that attracts me so much to racing,’ Dillon explains. ‘It’s all split second work. Every decision has to be right, otherwise you end up in the crash barrier. Mentally you have to be very strong.’

Adrenaline rush

His pupil Tim Schulte (24) got his racing license at Dillon’s racing school. Together with his teacher Tim participates in the prestigious Dutch Supercar Challenge this year. ‘I’ve always had a passions for cars,’ he says. ‘My dad worked as a mechanic for a number of racing teams, so the love of racing was ingrained into me from a very young age.’

It’s the adrenaline rush that draws Tim to the sport. ‘People often think that driving a fast lap on a circuit is pretty easy, but it’s actually one of the hardest things. It requires maximum concentration for at least an hour. Fortunately I’ve never crashed - fingers crossed - but once you’re driving you don’t think about that. You just don’t have the time.’

Fast decisions

It was the TMC connection that brought Tim and Dillon together. Tim’s uncle Thijs Manders is the founder of TMC and also crazy about auto racing. He got his racing license at Dillon’s school as well and arranged for his nephew to accompany Dillon to a few racing weekends. ‘I was immediately hooked,’ Tim says. ‘After a few of those weekends I thought it was time I got into a racing car myself.’ Right now Tim and Dillon occupy a shared fourth place in the Sports category of the Supercar Challenge.

Both drivers claim that auto racing can help in business and make you a better professional. ‘You have to take fast decisions,’ Dillon says. ‘That makes you sharp and focused.’ Tim: ‘You can compare auto racing to starting up a business. The finances have to be right, you have to generate income by finding sponsors and you have to gather people around you who believe in you and can help you proceed.’

More than enough crashes

Dillon was able to turn his racing passion into his day job. As the years passed he has become more careful. ‘I used to be reckless. Now that I have a wife, a family and a business my attitude in the car has changed. I’m more cautious and calculating. I don’t have to go to the limit every time. During a race I won’t dive into every little hole I see. Better wait, I think to myself. I’ve had more than enough crashes.’ 

As a professional driver Dillon is sponsored by TMC. The relationship was formed after Thijs Manders got his racing license in Dillon’s school and the two struck up a friendship. ‘TMC’s slogan is people drive technology, which fits very well with auto racing,’ Dillon says. He hopes the collaboration will become even closer in the future. ‘I would love to work together with TMC engineers to make my car faster.’

Unforgettable day

Both drivers look forward to the Speed Date Racing Event on November 1st. They promise the candidates an unforgettable day. ‘The Zandvoort race circuit is awesome,’ Tim says. ‘You experience it very differently from the racing car, because everything goes so much faster. Because the candidates don’t know the braking points, they don’t know what to expect. For them it’s going to be a super cool event!’

Dillon: ‘Think of it as a rollercoaster ride, but more intense. You hear the roar of the engine and experience the steering and gear switching first hand, while bouncing around on the circuit. It’s the experience of a lifetime, something you’ll talk about and remember for years to come.’ 

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When? Friday 1 November 2019
Where? Race circuit Zandvoort, Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108, Zandvoort
What time? From 12:30 until 16:30
Target audience? Junior and senior professionals in the tech world with a completed (technical) education

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