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Exploring the future of testing autonomous robots


As a high-tech company with a broad range of competencies, TMC employs technical specialists in many fields. This includes fields with a hardware focus, such as Mechatronics and Industrial Automation, as well as fields with a software focus, such as Software and Test & Integration. Recently a new domain was added to this growing list of competencies: the rapidly growing field of Data Science.

At TMC we appreciate the value that can be created by bringing together experts from different domains. For that reason we welcome the chance to contribute to multidisciplinary challenges faced by our clients. We have created our own format for such contributions, which we call a TechTank session. In these sessions, experts from several domains are brought together to share their insight and provide fresh perspectives in an open-minded setting at the client. Recently, we encountered an opportunity to contribute to one of our valued clients, Lely in Maassluis.

The mission of Lely, as an international family business in the agricultural sector, is to make farmers’ lives easier with innovative solutions and tailored services, across the entire spectrum of the farmer’s activities. These innovative solutions include various robotic systems, such as the Astronaut milking robot and the Vector feeding robot.

With a constant focus on innovation, Lely has made significant progress in applying the latest developments in autonomy to these robotic systems. These innovations make the robots easier to use, more efficient, and help farmers comply with ever stricter regulations. Looking further down the road, they are examining the role that testing plays in the further development of autonomous robots.

The complex solutions necessary in this domain require a fresh look at the testing process, and a need to integrate the perspectives of various disciplines: software testing, autonomous robots and machine learning. This presents a unique opportunity to combine the insights of the field of Data Science with the expertise of our Test & Integration specialists, and contribute our knowledge to the evaluation of future directions of testing autonomous systems.

Monday September 25th, sustained by a healthy dose of pizzas, an inspiring TechTank session was held at Lely’s office. We were able to provide a fresh look at the future of testing autonomous robots through statistical approaches. 

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