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Experiencing culture and hard work in Las Vegas

“I was just three days into my first assignment, when I traveled to Las Vegas,” Kevin Reynders says enthusiastically. Since the beginning of September Kevin has been an Employeneur at TMC Field Service detached to the company SPGPrints in Boxmeer as a Field Service Engineer. “I have always wanted to travel to the United States. That my dream came true due to my assignment at TMC is very special.”

SPGPrints is the global leader in advanced printing systems and consumables for the textile, industrial formation and graphic printing industries. "Digital printers are increasingly on the rise," Kevin explains. "This is very interesting for the textile industry, among other things; with one push of a button you can now print curtains and bed covers. And, on top of that, a design can be changed very easily." In America SPGPrints presented its latest textile printer, which has just been launched. Kevin had the task to install this massive printer and get it up and running before the start of the fair.

Surprises in Las Vegas

With the support of TMC and SPGPrints colleagues Kevin felt immediately at ease in his new position. "When I boarded the plane, I had no idea what I could expect. But after one day of work, I got the feeling that I had been doing this work for many years, which was a pleasant surprise."

In Las Vegas, Kevin went from one surprise to another: "The American work ethic has really surprised me. To install our machine was an enormous task that we worked on for almost a week. Sometimes we had to wait for hours because we were not allowed to connect the electricity ourselves. Eventually, a US worker connected the printer and we could continue. But on the other hand, the Americans keep up hard work both day and night. After a long day, they even had enough energy to enjoy the nightlife," he laughs.

Culture meets technology

"The atmosphere in Las Vegas was fantastic, but I'm already looking forward to my next trip; soon I'm going to a fair in China and then I will visit a customer in Pakistan. It is unique that I can combine traveling and discovering new cultures in my field. In addition, my position is an ideal mix of office and field work; I can also program a machine and make mechanical adjustments. Eighty percent of the time I will spend abroad, installing equipment at our customers’ sites and solving problems. I'm still in training, but I hope in the short term to go abroad by myself and contribute with ideas for improvements and innovations of the textile printers."

Steering the same course provides opportunity for growth

Kevin joined TMC not only because of the many tasks that the organization offers abroad. "The main reason I started to work at TMC is the fact that I am part of a group of people who steer the same course. The opportunities for growth and the ability to further develop myself within my field are very important to me. It’s not my thing to work for years in one job. I'm 24 years old and have just graduated; my career could not have started in a better way.”

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