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Employeneurs discover more about themselves through Insights

Who are you and why do you behave the way you do? 

These are questions that New Product Introduction and Manufacturing Support Employeneurs got answers to during a Q-Meeting organised by TMC. The evening was facilitated by Insights Discovery practitioners Selma Oskam and Angelique de Kruijf. Insights provides personal-development programmes that help companies all over the world get the very best from their people and improve team dynamics. The TMC participants were warmly welcomed in the old farmhouse at Eindhoven High Tech Campus, where they learned more about themselves and the people they work with. The evening proved that it is still people who drive technology. 

Soft stuff makes hard stuff work

Selma Oskam explained in an interactive and lively way how each individual has a unique personality: “Every person has four colour energies within them: Cool Blue, Fiery Red, Earth green and Sunshine Yellow. These colour energies refer to a set of characteristics that explain how you prefer to respond, think and act.” This four-colour model is called Insights Discovery.

Participants were invited to take a fresh look at themselves and discover their own unique potential, and to recognize the potential of others. Pro-actively addressing team personalities, diversity and dynamics enables people to perform more effectively. A tool like Insights Discovery, accompanied by a personal profile, helps people understand more about themselves and others. The colour language of Insights Discovery is easy to understand, easy to use and easy to remember. That is why people continue to use the Insights Discovery terminology on a daily basis. “People are often employed for their hard skills, but it is the soft stuff that makes the hard stuff work,” Selma says.

Patient green and demanding red

The first assignment during the workshop caused immediate laughter, when people were asked what kind of character they resemble the most. Employeneurs were asked to play a role in their own preferred colour and then switch to another colour. In this way they could experience how to deal with different behaviours. For example, if you are a person who has the highest preference for blue, it can feel very unnatural to play a dominantly red person. One of the participants – Employeneur Sara Lozano from Cuba – already had some experience in adapting to different colours. “This is the first time I’ve been to a TMC Q-Meeting,’ she says. ‘I’ve been in The Netherlands for just five months, and working at TMC for one month. Of course, I am here to meet other Employeneurs and get closer to the team, but I am also interested in learning more about Insights Discovery. I always thought I was a ‘green’ person, but I discovered that I am a ‘red’ person – due to my Latin temperament, I think!” Sara realized that she already adapts naturally during work. “As a production engineer at ASML, I work with a lot of stakeholders improving processes. To support each other it is handy to know what kind of people you have in front of you and within your team as well.”   

"I discovered that when you open yourself to others you get
very open responses back."

Bosch experience

Employeneur Jeroen van Doorn had already experienced the positive influence of Insights Discovery in his team at Bosch: “Bosch offered the same training, and our team got to know each other a lot better by sharing. I discovered that when you open yourself to others you get very open responses back. By becoming aware of my own colours, I could use them during my daily work. For example, I discovered that some of my co-workers like to receive detailed instructions, while others prefer them brief. I now adapt myself to each situation, but I always remain myself at work.” Jeroen continues: “For team dynamics, diversity is very important. If a team contains people of all the colours, it will probably function better.” 

Improved interactions

Using Insights Discovery, teams work together more effectively and leaders are better equipped to inspire, motivate and get the most out of their employees. In addition, people are better able to handle change and employees feel more engaged and connected to an organisation’s culture and values. Manufacturing Support Director Noortje van Boxtel says: “There’s already a workshop planned for all cell directors and account managers. This month, the first team is going to participate. Although we represent different cells within TMC, we work together a lot. I am confident that this workshop can improve our collaboration.”

"We want Employeneurs to make a difference for their clients.
Through Insights Discovery, interactions with clients can be improved." 

New Product Introduction Director Maarten Guns adds: “People drive technology. TMC’s aim is not only to invest in people on a technical level, but also on a personal level. We want Employeneurs to make a difference for their clients. Through Insights Discovery, interactions with clients can be improved. If you recognize the colours of your co-workers and stakeholders, you have a better insight into their individual preferences and can anticipate their needs more easily.” 

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