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Employeneur Pim introduces the ‘TMC Blouse’

How can I thank TMC for their trust and support during my career? With this question in mind Employeneur Pim van der Zalm developed the so-called ‘TMC Blouse’. A new way to carry out the pride, spirit and Employeneurship of TMC.

“I started my career at TMC two years ago, when I was working as a Quality Project Engineer at Bosch in Tilburg,” Employeneur Pim van der Zalm tells. “Although I liked my job a lot, I was not happy with the agency that hired me. An acquaintance then introduced me to the Manufacturing Support (MFS) business cell of TMC. After my first meeting with them I was immediately enthusiastic about the company of TMC and their way of working. TMC offered me the opportunity to continue my project at Bosch and besides that, the possibility to broaden my knowledge and skills. A perfect opportunity to keep working in the job I liked plus a real chance to develop myself.”

Support and understanding “One of the first things I did starting as an Employeneur was to set the goals for my work,” Pim continues. “To reach these goals TMC offered me professional coaching and guidance. Because I wanted to develop myself in my job as a Quality Project Engineer I started to take a new study a few years ago. One of my goals was to complete this study within the first two years at TMC. Unfortunately, during this time, I was facing some important events in my personal life, which caused some unforeseen pressure on my career and development. Therefore I have not been able to reach my personal goals within the expected timeframe. However, TMC has been very understanding and supportive in this situation. Instead of only looking at my results, the team of TMC-MFS helped me to get my life better organised and to create a good work – life balance.”

Expressing thankfulness In order to express his thankfulness Pim decided to do something for the company of TMC. “Together with my account manager I brainstormed about some plans to realise this. That’s when I came up with the idea to design a special TMC blouse. Up until this moment TMC did not have any special working clothes yet and I thought this to be the perfect way to promote the name of the company. Moreover, there are so many Employeneurs working at companies that sometimes you don’t know who your TMC colleagues are. For instance, I didn’t even know that there are that many people from TMC working at Bosch. I believe wearing the same work clothes is the perfect way to create a bond with all the employees of TMC and to carry out what we are standing for: pride, spirit and Employeneurship.”


Positive introduction Recently, Pim developed the first version of the blouse and introduced it at the yearly TMC BBQ. “I consciously chose to start with a blouse, because I believe this piece of clothing stands for professionalism and quality. Moreover, a blouse is perfect in his use for both working on a project – like the Employeneurs – or working at the internal team of TMC. I have already had a lot of positive responses, from both the collages at TMC and Bosch. This has strengthened me in the decision to actually launch the ‘TMC Blouse’. I hope in the coming years more and more colleagues will get enthusiastic about the idea. I wear the blouse already with a lot of pride and hope by this to contribute on putting TMC on the map as the best and most carrying employer to ever work for!”

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