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The IoT trends of the past year

The Internet of Things (IoT) is in its golden age, but what were the trends in IoT this year? We have listed 3 trends that have been identified by our experts this year.

1. Security

With more and more networks, and all things that are connected to the Internet, security is becoming increasingly important. In IoT solutions, security is a major challenge and cyber attacks are happening more and more. Data is sent by many sensor nodes to the cloud, processed with other data and the result is sent back to users. The security of both the connection and the software is increasingly important. This makes security a topic that will be coming back more frequently.

2. SaaS

Software as a Service is gradually becoming the norm in the IoT world. The advantages of cloud solutions are numerous, both for the end customer and for the supplier. It provides insight into data patterns, new algorithms, scalable solutions and other business models. A SaaS solution will grow with your business.

3. Medical solutions

Medical research is one of the sectors in which many investments and innovations are happening. It is not only about new medicines, but also about smart devices within IoTs. For example, the monitoring of chronic diseases using smart devices, monitoring after operations, early warning systems for patients in various risk zones and the creation of 'smart' hospital rooms. According to the American consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, the Internet of medical devices will grow considerably in the coming years.

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