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Blog: 'Conference trip in China'


I, Xuanqi Li, am working on a project in DSM Resolve and one of my main focus is the characterization of all different kinds of catalyst for internal and external customers. My job requires solid materials science background and the profound knowledge of catalyst, including the catalyst structure, property, application and new development. On the other hand, DSM Resolve is actively broadening their external customer profile, and companies such catalyst producers and catalyst users are very interesting potential customers for DSM resolve. I am very interested in the business development role and I am trying to develop myself towards that direction. Therefore, I pay lots of effort to obtain the opportunity to approach potential customers. One efficiënt way is to attent conferences.

Congress on Catalysis in Beijing

The 16th International Congress on Catalysis in Beijing China, is the largest event of the International Catalyst Society. Attending will be really beneficial for both of my knowledge building and my business development activities. DSM Resolve shows strong interests in this conference, but the budget is really limited since the location is in Beijing, China. Theoretically, DSM Resolve only supports the conference trip within Europe, but for China it is very difficult. When I almost gave up this idea, I got the advice from my Account Manager Luuk Wilders from TMC during our field support meeting. He suggested me to ask for the support of TMC and if I could provide a strong reason, it might be possible. In the end, I got the financial support from TMC since TMC thinks it is very important for both of my career development and self-growth. DSM Resolve was very happy to hear this feedback and after that everything ran smoothly. Now here I am in Beijing on the registration day!

I am really looking forward to meeting new people, obtaining new knowledge and developing my soft skills. Thanks to TMC for making this possible. I appreciate this opportunity and I will try my best to have an exciting and fruitful week!

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