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Building connections between Employeneurs and customers

‘Before I joined TMC almost three years ago, I was a bit prejudiced about companies that provide specialists for their customers,’ Angelique Schoffelen admits. ‘I thought such companies would have no personal connection to their employers, nor to the customers they send their people out to. I’m glad to say TMC proved me wrong.’ Very quickly, Angelique became a walking example of Employeneurship, making a difference both at TMC and at Océ, who were so enthusiastic about her that they recently made her a wonderful offer. This month, Angelique starts a new adventure at Océ – a global leader in digital imaging, industrial printing and collaborative business services.

‘I’ve enjoyed working for TMC very much,’ Angelique says, ‘but sometimes, you get an offer you simply can’t resist.’ At Océ, Angelique will work in the same role she has fulfilled over the last two years: as Process Engineer, she is one of the people responsible for researching and testing new products before they are launched. ‘It involves doing experiments, a lot of brainstorming, constantly looking for possible setbacks, finding out in which parts of the process these setbacks occur – and then eliminating them. It’s a very challenging role that keeps you on your toes all the time.’

Even when she was working at Océ on secondment, Angelique always felt herself to be a full member of the team there. ‘Of course, it helped that there were some other TMC Employeneurs at Océ,’ Angelique says. ‘When I first started, there were just two or three of us, but now, there are around fifteen.’

Angelique came to know all of them, and she was the driving force behind the TMC Lunch at Océ. ‘Four times a year, all of the TMC Employeneurs come together for lunch – it’s a great opportunity to catch up and to exchange experiences – with TMC and with Employeneurship in general.’

Angelique was also the go-to person for TMC Employeneurs who were considering working at Océ: ‘They would call me for advice, we would discuss the company and try to figure out if there was a match. Think of it as an informal way of preparing the Employeneurs for their time here, giving them an opportunity to ask questions that might be a bit harder to ask during a job interview.’

It’s safe to say Angelique has been instrumental in building and maintaining the strong ties between TMC and Océ, and there’s no doubt she will continue to do this – and lots more – in the future.

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