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Breaking ground in a booming new field

Everybody’s looking for it, and Vasia Tsiftsoglou has found it: the ‘sexiest’ job of the 21st century. This month, Vasia started as an Employeneur. She combines her insatiable thirst for Data Science with her MSc. in the field. ‘I came upon Data Science more or less by accident,’ she says. ‘Ever since, I’ve been hooked. It’s a relatively new field, but it’s growing very fast, and I’m positive it will become even bigger in the future.’

Three years ago, Vasia got her Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, a discipline she describes as ‘extremely specialized’. Without exactly knowing where to look, she started searching for something broader. Data Science – a program that was started at Tilburg University in 2015 – turned out to be just that: ‘It’s an overarching discipline. It bridges the gap between technical studies, social sciences, statistics, law and engineering.’

Vasia’s own focus is on the business applications of Data Science. ‘For a lot of marketeers, data are the single most important tool for targeting a specific audience. But there are so many other ways in which data are fundamental. There is a massive demand for people schooled in analyzing data.’ TMC has always kept a close eye on the rapidly expanding new field. This year, a new cell within TMC Physics will be founded – TMC Data Science. Vasia is TMC’s first Data Science Employeneur.

At her first project at TMC's client ASML, Vasia analyzes data from a certain type of machine they produce, and which is used around the world. ASML manufactures chips, and every once in a while they need to go in for scheduled maintenance. It’s Vasia’s job to analyse the maintenance data and look for patterns. Her goal in this process is to continuously improve the maintenance performance, and to offer her insights to engineers and, most importantly, to ASML’s customers.  She’s only been doing it for a month, but she already feels like she’s part of the team, both at ASML and at TMC.

‘TMC has been very accommodating right from the start, very transparent and straightforward. No complicated conditions, no small print. Before I came to work here, I’d already heard of the company. It popped up in discussions among students quite often. This is a good employer, people said, and they were right. TMC treats you as an asset, not as a resource. I’m very glad about that.’

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