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Blog: 'What if your light bulb moment becomes reality in the future?'

What can we learn from your light bulb moment? What does it say? What does it mean? These, and more questions will be answered by you and me if we keep being eager and curious.

In 2015 I started my research because of eagerness and curiosity. I wanted to know how it works. Even more important, I wanted to know how it can be better in the future.

So I plunged into the world of open innovation and asked myself: ‘How does an open innovation process start within an ecosystem?’ What did I discover? Collaboration at the start of open innovation is (often) just a coincidence. Light bulb moments (or ideas) are only accidentally shared. How I believe it can be better in the future? To connect and create more within that ecosystem by organizing/facilitating the start of the open innovation process.

I shared these research results in a presentation with the participants at the ERSA (European Regional Science Association) Congress in Vienna last summer. Sharing my message: The best way to have a good idea is to share lots of ideas’ with such an experienced and professional audience was, of course, very exciting. And yes, of course I felt anxiety just before I had to give the presentation. Who wouldn’t be? Afterwards, I decided to share my message with an even bigger audience at TMC’s Entrepreneurial Experience Event. I want to reach more people and together be part of the change.

How the journey continued from there? I have good news to share! This month my research was officially published as scientific paper in an academic journal. The article is published in Studia Regionalia, a journal of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Committee for Spatial Economy and Regional Planning.

Soon there will be more exciting news to share. Although, I hope! Why? I applied to pitch my light bulb moment(s) at the TEDxEindhoven Pitch Event on Monday 15 May 2017. Hopefully my story will be selected by the jury and I will be given the opportunity to share my pitch. Fingers crossed! Do you also have a lightbulb moment and an ‘idea worth spreading’? 

‘If you can dream it, you can do it’ ~ Walt Disney. 

If you think you (or somebody else) should pitch for TEDxEindhoven, go for it. Here you can find more information about TEDxEindhoven.

See you next time, with more (good) news to share!

Lotte Geertsen

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