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Blog: ''Switching it up'

One of the most important reasons I started working at TMC is that I could work on diverse projects at different companies over a short period of time. I hope I can keep challenging myself in this way and keep on learning new things. And so it happened that I switched projects for the first time a few weeks ago.. Promptly I got diversity and challenges.

My first project through TMC lasted for a little over a year and was at Naaykens' Luchttechniek, a company which is in the middle of converting their way of working from 2D AutoCAD to Inventor (3D). I predominantly worked on the standardisation and automation of 3D models in Inventor. The orders I worked on at Naaykens mostly were of the so-called "configure-to-order" type, with which the challenge was getting things to the customer before the deadline.

Now I'm stationed at Cerescon, a start-up working on the development of a new harvesting machine. The main difference with the previous assignment is that this is real R&D work contrary to working from an existing portfolio like I did at Naaykens'. At Cerescon I've got the responsibility for the design of one of the modules from the machine, with an set of tasks including concept choices, choosing purchased parts and suppliers and making 2D drawings. Aside from all this, Cerescon uses SolidWorks for its 3D design, a tool I didn't have any experience with yet. Luckily there are many similarities between SolidWorks and Inventor and NX, two 3D programs in which I am experienced, which significantly reduced any startup issues.

The current project only runs for a few months for me, so in the background we're already looking for the next challenge, though I would like to do something in a similar environment like Cerescon. That's the good thing about TMC, you can always find a project that suits you.

My name is Sebastiaan van Loon, I'm 25 years old and live in Eindhoven. I studied mechanical engineering at Fontys, previously worked at Prodrive, started working for TMC in October 2015 and just started on my second project. Every five weeks I'll be writing a blog about what keeps me busy regarding my work at TMC.

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