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Joining the new Data Science team

My name is Josine Bruin, and I recently started my TMC career after working for a software company for almost seven years. You may call it a 7-year itch, because the reason for switching was that I was looking for a new challenge. Bram Thelen told me he was starting up a new cell called Data Science and was confident I have the right background and checked if I was interested in joining this new team.

Although I had no experience in that field, I do have a MSc in Econometrics, Operations Research, a PhD in the field of stochastic operations research, and seven years experience in the field of supply chain planning. My passion lies in developing algorithms, and solving complex problems, and I am really enthusiastic to combine my knowledge and expertise with a role in the new field of data science. This position at TMC gives me the chance to learn something new, further develop my skills in the supply chain planning field and use the extensive network at TMC to find a next project.

While looking for my first project, I now have the time to learn new things in the field of Data Science: Currently I am finishing an online Python course which should easily bring me up to speed in a role as Data Scientist. TMC offers many other courses to its Employeneurs, and it is up to me to pick the right ones now.

TMC also organizes many pizza sessions to share knowledge and meet my colleagues (good for my network!). In one of those sessions I learned about the existence of Data Science hackatons: Different people/teams get the same (large amount of) data, and work really hard to get information from this data. I think it is awesome to have one or more TMC teams competing in such a hackaton, that would for me be an ideal way to share knowledge, and easily learn more in this field.

So: Who wants to join my team in such a competition?

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