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Becoming the coolest employer of the Netherlands

We joined forces with Corporate Rebels because we want to become the coolest employer of the Netherlands. TMC Manufacturing Support and New Product Introduction (NPI) asked them to do workshops together with the Employeneurs themselves to make this happen. Freek-Jan Ronner: "The process was totally inline with TMC's model of Employeneurship."

"The transition into becoming the coolest employer began with a presentation to get the rebel mindset running. The eight trends of the most inspiring organizations, best practices and cases studies were shared to prepare the Employeneurs and give them ammunition for their transition. Whether they wanted to use this information and move forward was totally up to the Employeneurs. A vote on ‘do you believe this direction can support you in achieving this goal’, sealed the deal. With 75% voting ‘yes’ an intrinsic motivated and enthusiastic group was ready to start."

Let Employeneurs decide on the experiments

A group of 30 excited Employeneurs joined the design experiments workshop. The goal of the experiments was ‘simple’. What do you want to achieve in six weeks? The rules:

  • the experiment has to achievable within your own circle of influence;
  • and the results have to be measurable (in some way or another).

Together the Employeneurs designed six experiments and after a vote three were chosen to be executed:

  • Salary transparency (Wouter van Helvoort);
  • Holiday leave (Guy Dubois);
  • Feedback to your account manager (Thierry Debertrand).

From that moment on the Employeneurs had six weeks to start their experiments before coming back together and sharing their results with the rest of the group.

Things are changing

'What is really great is that all of the experiments have lead to concrete results or have become input for improvements that are currently in progress", Freek-Jan explains. "Leave days are being re-designed by the Board of TMC. Insights in rates based on experience and education are now transparent and shared within the cells. Management has started with a new format of feedback/evaluation of (account) managers by the Employeneurs. And the best thing is, we are expanding this movement where Employeneurs are co-creating the desired way of working at TMC."

Cool employers co-create

"That co-creating your policies and processes works and is very much appreciated is not only our strong believe", Freek-Jan emphasizes. "The reactions we get from the participating Employeneurs prove that they feel more involved and connected. Some of the feedback we got was 'with this process of experimenting TMC shows they really listen to their Employeneurs', 'TMC shows they are willing to take actions based on the insights of the experiments', 'Corporate Rebels give inspiration, energy and keep the engine running' and 'skepticism disappeared when we got total freedom to design the experiments ourselves'."

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